Austin Blair Camp No. 7
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Above and below
Kerry Chartkoff speaking at our meeting.

At our regular meeting on January 9th, members of the Camp, the Auxiliary and guest were treated to a lecture given by capital Historian Kerry Chartkoff. In addition to this title, Kerry also co-chairs the state's "Save the Flags" project, dedicated to preserving, researching, and exhibiting the Capitol's collection of Michigan Civil War battle flags.

She gave a very informative talk on Civil War Governor, Austin Blair and his life before, during and after the Civil War.

After her talk there was time for questions and meeting members of the Camp.

For more information on the Michigan "Save the Flags" project click here.

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Delivering a point about "Michigan's Blair".

Greeting members after her lecture.


Brother Bradley Funkhouser

At our February meeting, Members of Camp No. 7 welcomed two new members to our camp. Brother Bradley Funkhouser was initiated into the Camp and Brother Roger Manning's application was voted on and accepted.

Brad's ancestor was Nicholas Jacob, Krebs (Crapps) who served in Company B, 78th Ohio Infantry. Roger joined us as an Associate member.

Brother Roger Manning.

Members of the 303 M.P. Company

Members with Colors

Receiving instruction before the ceremony.

Members of the Auxiliary were there as well to assist



Camp 7 Members with the Standard Bearer of the 303 M.P. Company.

On Sunday February 26th, members of Camp 7 along with members of Company B., 7th Michigan re-enactors, and 2nd Michigan Light Artillery. Battery B. had the honor of presenting the Colors for the 303 MP Activation Ceremony. The 303 is soon to be deployed to Afghanistan.

During the ceremony Commander Hawker presented a State of Michigan Flag to the 303 upon which was written on the spine;

Presented FEB 26th 2012 303rd M.P. Co Jackson, MI. May the "SPIRIT of JACKSON" Watch over and guide you safely home. Good Luck and God Speed! On the front of the flag it read; Spirit of Jackson (on the Left side of State Seal) 20th & 26th Michigan Vol. Infantry REGt. (right side of State Seal) Above the Seal: 1862 - - - - Below the Seal: 2012.
This flag was made by Robert Helsel.

After the ceremony we had a chance to mingle with members of the 303 and thank them for their service.

Members of the 303 M.P. Company

The Flag that was presented to the 303.
Click on the picture to see it larger.

Commander Hawker presenting the flag.

Corporal Conklin inspecting the troops.

Some of our camp with members of the 7th Michigan.

Members of Camp 7 and Auxiliary who visited the history seminar in Sunfield.

Bruce presenting Annie's story.



Various pictures of Annie, and her headstone paid for by the State of Michigan to honor her. Notice in each of the pictures she is wearing her Kearny Cross.

On February 28th, members of Camp 7 and Auxiliary joined members of Camp 58, and about 60 others at a History Seminar on The Story of Annie Etheridge Civil War Nurse, presented by the Curtenius Guard Camp 17 of Sunfield.

The presenters were, Bruce Butgereit (PDC, General John Logan Camp No. 1) his wife Marcia (PNP WRC) and their daughter Bernadette. They told the story of Annie through letters and newspaper articles printed during and after the war.

Annie served with the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Michigan Regiments throughout the war and tended to wounded and dying soldiers at the firing line in some of the bloodiest battles of the Army of the Potomac such as Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, as well as The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and Petersburg. It's no wonder that the men loved her and when she was issued her Kearny Cross for bravery the men all shouted three cheers.

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Left to right; Marcia, Bernadette and Bruce Butgereit

The presenters talking to the crowd during a break.


Ron working with students on the posters.

Howard with a student wearing his favorite shirt of the day.

Rexine, Brenda and June talking of their visit with President Lincoln to Fort Stevens.

Member (left to right)Rexine Cockroft, Howard Lloyd, Brenda Walters, Bob Griggs, June Lloyd, Ron Tyrl, Mike Maillard

On the 19th of the month, members of the Camp and Auxiliary visited East Jackson Memorial Elementary School. There we divided forces and spoke with four different second grade classes. One member worked with students making up posters for the Adopt the Eagle program. Adopting the American bald eagles at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing is something that the Camp and second grade students at Memorial have done since 2002.

The remaining members were in another room and members of the Ladies Auxiliary were in another and every 15 minutes the students rotated into a different classroom. The ladies spoke of being with President Lincoln when he visited Fort Stevens on July 12, 1864 and clothing that woman wore during the Civil War. The men talked about how soldiers communicated, their uniforms. Both the ladies and men answered many questions about the war and the soldiers who fought it.

Brenda and June setting up for the event.

Mike answering questions about his uniform.

Ron with Mrs. Hampton talking about the Adopt the Eagle program.

Chris showing one of the items, a soldiers discharge paper, he brought in for display.

Brother Cox talking about some of the items he brought in after his presentation.

On Saturday the 24th, Brother Chris Cox presented a Power Point program to the public at the Carnegie Branch Jackson District Library. This program was presented twice.

Brother Cox put on an excellent show after which he answered questions, and spoke with those present about items he had brought in for display.

Brother Chris during his presentation.

One of the three tables of display items
that were on display.

At the Department Encampment held March 31, Brother Chris Cox was appointed to his second term as Department Guard. Congratulation on being appointed to a second term Chris.



.Photo courtesy of Jim Pahl PCinC.

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Brother Cox second from left front row.


Brother Griggs - PCC holding the Abraham Lincoln Award.

At the Department Encampment held March 31, Brother Robert Griggs PCC of Camp 7 was awarded the Abraham Lincoln Award. The letter accompanying the award states in part;

At the recent Department encampment held by the Department of Michigan, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, we recognized individuals for their contributions to the Order, both contributed by way of major projects and long time dedicated service. The most prestigious award the Department offers in this regard is the Abraham Lincoln Award. It may be made to as many as three individuals nominated for the award, who in the opinion of a panel of brothers of the department, are deserving of such recognition. You were nominated earlier this year. The brothers bestowing the award unanimously decided that it should be awarded to you.

The award.
Click on the pictures for an enlarged view.

Some of the students working on the quilt squares.

Mrs. Thelen's 5th grade class.

On April 10th members of the Ladies Auxiliary visited Explorer School in Williamston. When they were there the students of Mrs. Thelen's 5th grade class signed and decorated squares for Comfort Quilts. These quilts are sent to hospitals as part of care packages for wounded U.S. Soldiers.

As you can see from the picture above, Sister Lloyd really stands out in a crowd.

Sister Liz Lloyd of the Ladies Auxiliary.

SVC Lloyd with Liz Lloyd of the Auxiliary at Lincoln's Tomb.

Liz placing a wreath at the Tomb
Sister Lloyd with the Auxiliary National President Anne Jaster.

On Saturday, April 14th members of Camp 7 and the Auxiliary attended the 56th Annual Ceremony at Lincoln's Tomb in Springfield.

Although the weather was a little bit wet it did not dampen the spirt of those who attended.

Brother Lloyd after the ceremoney.

Department of Michigan Commander
Dave Arnold.

Speaker Mark Huffman

Camp and Auxiliary members who attended.

On the 24th members of the camp and Auxiliary traveled to Sunfield to attend their latest History Seminar put on by Curtenius Guard Camp No. 17. The guest speaker for this was Mark Hoffman. Mark is the current Chief Administrative Officer of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the author of My Brave Mechanics: The First Michigan Engineers and Their Civil War.  He previously served as Deputy Director for the Michigan Department of History, Arts, and Libraries, and is currently working on another book on the American Civil War scheduled to be released in 2013. This book will be on the conflict between Union soldiers and Southern civilians, using the journal of a Michigan soldier. The topic of this seminar was the same as his new book, and Mark spoke of the Union soldier and his role in occupying southern cities.

After his presentation Mark answered questions from the visitors. His presentation was informative, light and was well received by all who attended.

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Brother Manning speaking with Mark

At the end of his show, Mark was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Department of Michigan Commander, Paul Arnold


4th Michigan Cavalry

6th Mich Cavalry. It is thought that this flag was made to be carried in the Grand Review after the war.

This is the flag that the 6th carried into battle.

Click on the picture of any flag to see an enlarged view.

Flags of the 17th (left) & the 20th (right) Infantry. Note the placement of the regiment name on the flags, this is hard to see on the 20th flag as it is in a white stripe.

On the 5th of May Camp and Auxiliary members met with Capitol Tour and Information Service Director Matt VanAcker at the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing. During our visit we viewed the Civil War Battle Flags stored there.

Matt gave us a history of the preservation efforts to save the flags and told us many stories about the flags and the men who carried them during the war.

Flags of Battery H, 1st Michigan Light Artillery DeGolyer's Battery.

To see more pictures of the flags check our facebook page

1st Michigan Cavalry.



The flag carried into battle at Gettysburg by the 24th Michigan.


Members getting ready to form ranks

Confederate soldiers tried to take over the house for their headquarters.

Members of the Ladies Auxiliary in Camp.

Various pictures from our day at the Grosvenor House. Camp*.

On Saturday the 19th members of the Camp and Ladies Auxiliary set up a living history camp at the Historical Grosvenor House in Jonesville.

The morning started off somewhat slow so we formed ranks and marched downtown to the center of activity and stacked arms there to let visitors know where we were. After taking in the sights there we marched back to the camp and now, having a crowd we proceeded with a firing demonstration. After this we had a lunch that was prepared the way soldiers would have made it 150 years ago, and talked with many visitors about the life and trials of the American Civil War Soldier.

Camp members with stacked arms downtown.

On lookers checking out one of the volleys that were fired during the day.

Navy veteran Mike Lasick checking out the musket.

Brothers Maillard and Lloyd talking to students about a soldiers weapon and how he would have taken care of it.

Auxiliary members showing students how to make rag dolls.

One of the students with her rag doll.

Some of the classes who joined us for our day at Paragon School.

The 21st found members of the Auxiliary and Camp going back to school. This time at Paragon where we once again set up different stations to talk to the students of the 2nd, 5th, and 8th grades about the life of Civil War soldiers.

Camp members talked about equipment that soldiers would have carried and were able to put on the equipment that they would have had to march with. They also were told how wounded soldiers would have been treated.

Members of the Auxiliary showed how to make rag dolls and one was given to each girl there. They also had students write messages and sign squares for comfort quilts to be sent to wounded soldiers as part of the care packages that they are given when they enter the hospital.

Students writing messages and signing squares for the comfort quilts.

Brother Cox talking to the students about the life of a Union Civil War soldier.

Brother Tyrl talking to the students about how to treat a wounded soldier.

Students trying to put into practice what Ron had told them.

Talking to students about the beginning of the War.

Members of Camp 7 and Auxiliary at Governor Blair's gravesite on Memorial Day.

Camp and Auxiliary members at the Civil War Monument in Concord.

Sister June Lloyd places a wreath for the Camp.

The three day weekend to celebrate Memorial Day was a very busy weekend for members of our Camp and the
Ladies Auxiliary.

Some of our members were at Greenfield Village in Dearborn to help with the Civil War Living History event that was going on there. Some went to Lansing to assist Camp 17 with their celebration at Mt. Hope Cemetery. On the Friday before Memorial Day, camp members got together and power washed Governor Blair's headstone. Memorial Day itself found still other members of the Camp dividing themselves between Jackson and Concord to take part in Memorial Day celebrations in those two cities.

As you can see it was a very busy month for both the Camp and the Auxiliary Auxiliary as we all worked very hard in Keeping Green the Memory of the Boys in Blue.

Andersonville National Cemetery

(Formerly known as Decoration Day, the day set aside to honor the nation's war dead was originally observed May 30. A federal law passed in 1967 officially changed the name to Memorial Day, and the next year Congress moved the observance to the last Monday in May to create a
three-day weekend.)

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Camp and Auxiliary members marching in the Jackson Memorial Day Parade.

Camp and Auxiliary members marching in the Concord parade.

SVC Howard fell in the members of Camp 17 to assist in their ceremonies in Lansing.


The flag and Cross of Honor that was placed on his grave.

Members of the different SUVCW Camps and Auxiliary.

Sisters June and Liz Lloyd of our Auxiliary.

A poster with pictures of Thomas Ryan and family.

On Sunday June 10 members of the camp and auxiliary attended a dedication by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Thomas Ryan 2689 Chapter for their namesake, Thomas Ryan. At this dedication a Confederate Cross of Honor was placed at his grave site.

Mr Ryan served in the Virginia Light Artillery, Co. A, 13th Battalion and following the war, he moved to Farmington, Ohio where he married and started his family. In 1876, Ryan moved to New Haven Township, Shiawassee County, Michigan where he lived out his life as a farmer. Camp 7 was not alone in assisting the UDC. Members from the Department of Michigan, John A Logan Camp No. 1, Curtenius Guard Camp No 17, and the Henry F. Wallace Camp No. 160 were there to assist as well.

United Daughters of the Confederacy Chapter 2689 President Brenda Kociemba.

SVC Howard Lloyd of Camp 7.

Brothers Dan and Ed Conklin prepare for the days events.

SVC Lloyd (front row-left) during military drills.

Union skirmish line.

A rebel skirmish line moves out to start the attack.

On the 16th and 17th members of Austin Blair and Auxiliary set up camp at Turkeyville for their Civil War Days.

Over the weekend they fell in with members of the 7th and 18th Michigan re-enactors and preformed military drill and put on demonstrations for the visitors to the event. They also took part in the Battle of Glendale on Saturday and Malvern Hill on Sunday. Both were part of the Seven Days Battles which were fought in Virginia from June 25th to July 1st, 1862 as part of McClellan's Peninsula Campaign.

When not drilling and fighting members were able to talk with visitors about the displays that they had set up, the life of a Civil War soldier and the S.U.V.C.W.

To see more pictures of this event check our facebook page

Brothers Ron Lewis and Bob Griggs talking over the days events.

Brother Roger Manning (front row-4th from right) fell in for inspection.

Union artillery holding back the rebel line.

Commander Henry Hawker and PCC Dan Conklin relax in camp before the event.

Dan checking out the 1841 Ames Foot Artillery Sword loaned to us for display.

A picture of Pvt Deloss M. Haviland.

Members of Camp 7 talking with other camps members.

PCC Bill Lowe talking about the Memorial stone.

Sisters June Lloyd and Linda Kronberg (From left) of our Auxiliary.

Members of the Camp presenting the check to Waterloo Farm Museum Board Members, John Ocwieja (left with apron), and Steve Holzer (right in red shirt).

On the weekend of the 23rd and 24th members of the Camp set up at the Waterloo Farm Museum for their annual Soldier, Blacksmith, and Log Cabin weekend. The museum sent out two pieces of original Civil War era equipment for display at our camp. A foot artillery sword made by the Ames company and a British Enfield rifle.

Also while there the Austin Blair Camp presented a $100.00 check to the Farm Museum for their Flag Pole Project.

On Saturday the 23rd, members of Camp 7, and Auxiliary members along with members from the Gilluly-Kingsley Camp 120 from Howell, the Carpenter-Welch Camp 180, and the Robert Finch Camp 14 from Traverse City along with the 4th Michigan Company A re-enactment group had the honor of dedicating what is believed to be the first Memorial Headstone placed in the State for a Civil War Soldier. This was placed in the Wright Cemetery in Gregory, Michigan.

Private Deloss M. Haviland, a member of Company K, 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, was killed in action on the 27th of June, 1862 at the Battle of Gaines's Mill. His body was never recovered and is no doubt one of the many Civil War soldiers buried in a grave marked simply "UNKNOWN".

During the ceremonies a history of the 4th Michigan was presented by George Wilkinson who is the historian for the 4th Michigan. The dedication service was performed by Commander William Dixon of the Gilluly-Kingsley Camp and their Chaplain Jerry Tatar. A volley was fired by the 4th Michigan Company A and Taps was played by Alex Nosbisch Troop No. 477 BSA from Dexter. After the ceremonies a reception was held at the Trinity Methodist Church, which is the Church that replaced the one where Private Haviland would have attended services before answering President Lincoln's call to arms.

If that wasn't enough to fill the weekend, on Sunday members of the Camp fell in with members of the 15th Michigan and marched in the Bay-O-Rama Parade in New Baltimore, Michigan.

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Henry and Dan talking to visitors.

Dan striking the pose with pistol and sword.

The Memorial Headstone.

Brother Ron Tyrl (with drum) fell in with the 4th Michigan.

Brothers Charlie Waters Jr and Charles Waters III.

SVC Howard Lloyd (Front on right) at the Bay-O-Rama Parade.


Sister Rexine Cockroft working with her husband at the Cotton Candy area.

PCC Bob Griggs worked the
door prize table.

The welcome sign and road for the event.

On Thursday, July 12th members of the Camp and Auxiliary volunteered to work at a family picnic for the 1461st CBT HET Company who will be deployed to Afghanistan shortly.

During the event lunch was served to family members and there were many things for the kids to do. Some of the equipment used by the 1451st was on display, and door prizes were handed out to family members.

Although there were a few glitches, or maybe I should use SNAFU's, a good time was had by all.

Sister Brenda Walters working the
Elmo area.

Part of the area set up for the event.

SVC Gary Swain, (blue blazer on left) and Commander John Keith (with kepi) of Camp No. 20 talking with family of
Pvt. Jennings Hadley.

Decedents of Jennings ready to uncover the headstone.

On the 21st the General Benjamin Pritchard Camp No. 20 dedicated a headstone for the previously unmarked grave of Jennings Hadley, 6th Michigan Cavalry. The gravesite is located in the Roof Cemetery in Charleston Township, just north of Climax Michigan. This was the area that Jennings grew up in and returned to after the War.

Many decedents of Private Hadley were in attendance along with a Senator, a Representative, from the State of Michigan, members of the DUVCW, the WRC as well as Camp No. 7.

To see more pictures of this and other of our events check our facebook page

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Unveiling the headstone.

The headstone of Jennings Hadley, 6th Michigan Cavalry.

Members of the Camp setting up before the event begins.

Both Union and Confederate soldiers went back to school.

Union troops on the battle line.

Confederate troops on the battle line.

Camp members Dan Conklin (foreground) and Ron Tyrl (kneeling at canon
during the battle.

The 28th found members of the camp and the Auxiliary at the Concord Civil War Days event. This year we were joined by members of the 7th Michigan Infantry and the 5th Kentucky Infantry (Confederate) re-enactors groups. There was both a Union and Confederate camp set up for the Living History event.

Starting off the day the Colors were presented by members of Camp 7. During the day minstrels played, and a "Soldiers school" was put on for the crowd at which they were shown different commands for the troops and the correct 9 step process of loading a Civil War era musket. There was also rope making demonstrations, wagon rides, spinning wheel demonstrations and farm animals for people to see.

The highlight of the days events was the battle put on by Camp No. 7 (with an Auxiliary member thrown in for good measure) and members of the re-enactor groups.

To see more pictures of this and other of our events check our facebook page

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Members of Camp 7 posting the Colors to start off the event.

PCC Ron Lewis, (left) and Rexine Cockroft, (center) with Gilbert Cockroft.

Sisters June Lloyd and Elizabeth Kemler of the Auxiliary.


Chris Cox stands by to assist recruits with making their uniforms.

Bob Griggs demonstrating how to
load a musket.

Camp members taking a break for lunch.


The recruits and members of the Camp after the skirmish.

During the week of the 13th - 17th, members of Camp 7 assisted staff at Ella Sharp Museum for their Civil War Week Camp.

At the camp "recruits" were mustered in the Father Abraham's Army, then told of the life of a soldier in the different branches of the service. They made uniforms and rubber band pistols, as well as hardtack and ice cream. They worked on drilling and forming in skirmish and battle lines and the importance of flags, bugle and drum calls. They also learned the different steps required to loading and fire a Civil War era musket, as well as some of the music of the time and medical treatment for wounded soldiers.

Lastly they were told about the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) and made commemorative ribbons to honor their time "in the service".

To see more pictures of this and other of our events check our facebook page

The recruits marching to Civil War era music.

Recruits loading their muskets.

Charles Waters III working with soldiers showing them how to dress a wound.

Brothers Heath and Hawker wtih their award letters.

(above and below)
Members of the Auxiliary setting up before the crowds arrive.

Members Charles Waters III, Ron Tyrl, & Mike Maillard setting up before the start of the Muster.

Camp 7 set up in the bandstand along with the Department of Michigan, Camp 17, and MOLLUS.

PCC Heath (left) and Commander Hawker (right) with Lt. Col. Humphrey.
Click on the picture above to see a larger picture of the award.



On the 25th and 26th members of the Camp and Auxiliary were at the 28th Annual Jackson Civil War Muster.

Throughout the weekend we had many visitors stop by our area to find out more about their ancestors, or where to look to see if they had any ancestors who might have fought in the Civil War.

One of the highlights for our Camp was when Lt. Col. Ken Humphrey, USMC, presented Commander Hawker and PCC Heath with letters of appreciation for a living history presentation they had put on for Colonel Humphrey and his platoon. Congratulations to both Henry and Mark from the members of the Camp and Auxiliary.



Union troops pass in review after the battle.

To see more pictures of this and other of our events check our facebook page

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Brothers Ron Lewis and Ron Tyrl talking to some of the visitors.

Commander Hawker talking with
P CinC Jim Pahl.

Our youngest member getting into the spirt of the Muster.

After the battle Confederate ranks charge the crowd.


Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Pardee.

On the 15th Daniel Pardee and Elizabeth Kimler were joined in Holy Matrimony in Concord. Many members of the Camp and the Auxiliary were able to attend and share this most wonderful day with then.

Please click here to seem a page dedicated to their wedding

SVC Lloyd with members of the 15th Michigan.

The final charge.

The flag of the 15th Michigan.

On the 22nd of the month members of the Camp and Auxiliary fell in with the 15th Michigan and attended Civil War Days in New Baltimore.

After the skirmish both Union and Confederate soldiers got together to make one last charge.

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Sister Liz Lloyd of the Auxiliary.


Part of the display that was set up in
the ice house.

Getting set up before the opening of the event.

The rain coming down at the Farm Museum.

On the 14th of the month Camp No. 7 members set up at the Waterloo Farm Museum for their Pioneer Day.

Despite the weather being somewhat iffy there was a large crowd that attended the event. We were able to talk to many of them and answer questions about the life of a Civil War soldier and our ancestors who fought to save the Union.

Brothers of Camp No. 7 talking with some of the visitors at the Farm Museum.

Left to right, PCC Ron Lewis, PCC Mark Heath and Commander Hawker infront of the ice house.

Dr. Anderson presenting his talk.

On the 24th of the month camp and auxiliary members attending the history seminar put on by Camp No. 17.

This seminar was presented by Dr. William M. Anderson and was entitled "Women in the Civil War." It was a very enjoyable evening with Dr. Anderson who talked not only about women soldiers but women left behind on the home front both North and South through letters written both by and to them.

The next history seminar presented by Camp No. 17 will be on the last Tuesday in February and will be about the Lincoln assassination.

If you wish to see more pictures of this event please visit our facebook page by clicking here.

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Camp & Auxiliary members with Department Commander Arnold.

Department Commander Arnold presents Dr. Anderson with a Certificate of Appreciation after the seminar.


The G.A.R. Hall in Detroit

Brothers Manning, Kimble, & SVC Lloyd with Department Commander Arnold (2nd from left) and Sister Lloyd of our Auxiliary.

Department of Michigan Brothers who attended the event in front of the G.A.R. Hall.

On the third of November the Veterans Day Parade was held in Detroit. Members of Camp No. 7 and our Auxiliary were there to take part
in the event.

After the parade Brothers from around the State assembled at the old G.A.R. Hall which, as you can see, is under renovation.

All pictures courtesy of Brother David Kimble.

If you wish to see more pictures of this event please visit our facebook page by clicking here.

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Sister Lloyd of our Auxiliary.

Above and Below - Members of the Camp at the Jackson event

Members of the Auxiliary who attended the Jackson event.

Camp members

Camp members at the Defense of the Flag Monument in Jackson

On November 11th members of the Camp and Auxiliary took part in Veteran's Day celebrations in both Jackson and Mason.

It was a great day weather wise and we were glad to see the turn out by the locals in both areas to support America's Veterans.

If you wish to see more pictures of this event please visit our facebook page by clicking here.

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Sister Liz Lloyd lays a wreath at the monument.

Brother Charlie Waters of our Camp.

Veterans who attended wanted to have their pictures taken with our group.

Above - Sister June Lloyd presenting Major David VanHoof his wall hanging

Below - Major VanHoof reading the hanging with Department Commander Arnold and Commander Hawker looking on.

Brother Kimble receives his membership badge from Brother Chris Cox.

Our newest members, David Kimble and Lucille Streeter

Our regular meeting in November was a busy one indeed. It started off with Sister June Lloyd presenting to Major David VanHoof USMC, of our camp with a wall hanging she had made thanking him for his service. After that we moved on to officer elections and their installation by Department of Michigan Commander Dave Arnold and as if that wasn't enough we, as well as the Auxiliary both had new members installed

Brother David Kimble joined our Camp and Sister Lucille (Peaches) Streeter joined the Auxiliary. I'm sure I speak for all the men and women when I wish you both a hardy welcome from all. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you in helping to "Keep green the memory" of the
Boys in Blue.

If you wish to see more pictures of this event please visit our facebook page by clicking here.

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Commander Lloyd receives his commander badge from
his granddaughter.

Camp 7 officers being installed by Department
Commander Arnold.

Sister Streeter receives her membership badge from Sister
Linda Kronberg.


PCC Bill Lowe and Auxiliary member Rexine Cockroft.

One of he Rebs that crashed our party. You don't think those are Copperheads that he's talking to do you?

Above and Below - Camp and Auxiliary members enjoying the party.

Out 2012 invitation.

On the 9th of December our Auxiliary hosted our fourteenth annual Christmas Get Together. Again this year a brown bag auction was held with the proceeds going to Toys for Tots.

It was a great day of comradery and sharing the Christmas Spirt for all who attended, even though, as you can see, we had a couple "REBS" join the party.

As always ladies, a great job, wonderful time and a very large THANK YOU from all of the members of the Austin Blair Camp.




If you wish to see more pictures of this event please visit our facebook page by clicking here.

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Mike Maillard and PCC Jeff Oberdank.

PCC Ron Lewis and Joe Davis.

Sister Lloyd keeping an eye on the second Reb at our party.

Brothers warming up their coffee and looking for the hardtack.

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