Austin Blair Camp No. 7
Our Year ~ 2011



On Thursday March 3rd, members of the Camp and Auxiliary visited the Albion District Library for a presentation of Michigan in the Civil War. This was put on by Al and David Eicher.

Some of the members of the Camp and Auxiliary, with Al Eicher, who were at Albion.
There was a lecture and the showing of a DVD. Parts of the DVD were taken around the state at different locations and Musters and it was noticed by all of us that counting the number of members in the DVD we had a very good showing indeed.


Members who visited Miss. Gerard's classroom.

Members from Austin Blair show the students the proper way to load a musket.

After the presentation students were allowed to walk around, ask questions and look at all the different items that had been brought in.

Various pictures of Miss. Gerard's classroom

On April 13th, members of Camp No. 7 and the Ladies Auxiliary visited the Explorer Elementary School in Williamston, Michigan and talked to Miss. Gerard's 4th grade class about a soldiers life in the Civil War.

During the presentation the student ask many questions and were "treated"(? If you can call it that) to some of every Civil War soldiers favorite meal ~


Members of the Auxiliary passed out hardtack to each student.

Students were told about the important roll that the regimental flags played during the war.

Pointing (sorry) out the difference between the spike and sword bayonets.


Chris "enlist" the students of Northwest Schools.

Daniel talking to the students about the life of a Confederate Soldier.

Chris talking to students about how a tent would have been set up.

On May 6th, members of Camp 7 and the Auxiliary set up camp at Northwest Schools in Jackson. After an introduction students broke up into groups and visited separate areas. In these areas they were "enlisted" as soldiers, they were also instructed on wounded and the treatment of wounded soldiers. They were also showed what life was like for a Civil War soldier.

Differences between the life of a Union and Confederate Soldier were also discussed.

After this they were put in two groups and taught some basic drills and then "re-enacted" Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg.

Ron showing the students how to take care of the wounded.

"Confederates" lining up for the July 3rd attack at Gettysburg.

Forward at the double quick the Confederates attack the Union, leaving many friends on the field.

Members who visited Madison School in Adrian.

Members setting up the "Camp".

Instructing the students in marching in company.

Various pictures of 8th grade students from Madison School

On May 27th, members of Camp No. 7 and the Ladies Auxiliary visited Madison School in Adrian to talk to students about a soldiers life during the Civil War.

The students were broken up into "squads" and visited the different sections where they learned about different aspects of camp life and what a soldier would need to know about loading their muskets and marching.

Not knowing if they would "Show the white feather" file closers were put into place.

After learning to march in company formations members of the Camp fired a volley to show the amount of smoke and noise on a battlefield.

Auxiliary members and teachers watch to ensure the student are following instructions correctly.

Members of the Auxiliary at the G.A.R. Lot.
Photo courtesy of Keith Harrison Camp 17.

On Saturday, May 28th members of Camp 7 and the Auxiliary attended the Memorial Program presented by Curtenius Guard Camp No. 17 of Sunfield held at the Mt Hope Cemetery in Lansing.

Members of both Camps firing a volley.
Photo courtesy of Keith Harrison Camp 17.

Austin Blair members providing the Color Guard at Concord.

Auxiliary member laying a wreath at the
Soldiers Memorial.

Members of the Camp at Concord in front of the Civil War Monument.

This year members of Austin Blair Camp No. 7, along with support from members of the Ladies Auxiliary, provided the Color Guard for the Memorial Day Parades in Jackson and Concord.

(Formerly known as Decoration Day, the day set aside to honor the nation's war dead was originally observed May 30. A federal law passed in 1967 officially changed the name to Memorial Day, and the next year Congress moved the observance to the last Monday in May to create a
three-day weekend.)

Camp member, Daniel Watkins, read the
history of Taps.

Members of the Ladies Auxiliary.


Members of the Camp at Paragon School.

Mike Maillard talking to students about items he had brought to share.

Members Chris Cox, Howard Lloyd and Charlie Waters Jr. talking with students about the differences in the muskets.

On Friday, June 3rd members of the Camp and the Auxiliary were at Paragon School in Jackson.

During our time there we put on demonstrations for the 2nd, 5th, and 8th grade classes. After seeing the items that were brought in the 5th and 8th graders were told about the Union charge at Cold Harbor (that happened 147 years ago this date) and then made the attack themselves. Many of them falling bravely before the Confederate works.

Daniel Watkins talking about the difference in artillery

Auxiliary member June Lloyd tell students about womens clothing.

Students were instructed in marching before making their charge on the Confederate works.

The two photos above are showing the display at Concord School.

On the 10th members set up in the gym of Concord Schools who were finishing up a year long
celebration of their 175th anniversary as
a school district.

The members spoke with many visitors and told
them about our group and explained what the items on display were used for.

Another photo showing the display

Members of Camp 58 talking over the days activities with Shirley Broxholm, great granddaughter of William.

The plaque that was dedicated
To see a close up of the plaque click on the picture above.

Commander Oberdank with members of Camp 58.

Members of Camp 7, 17, and 58 with great-granddaugher's of William Howland
at his grave site.

On Saturday, June 11th members of Camp 7 and 17 assisted the George W. Anderson Camp No. 58 in a dedication ceremony at Mount Rest Cemetery
in St. Johns.

A plaque was placed at the grave site of private William R. Howland. Private Howland enlisted on December 11, 1862 in the famed Irish Brigade. Upon leaving that outfit he then enlisted in the 8th N.Y. Heavy Artillery on January 5th, of 1864 and served with that unit until June 5, 1865 when he was transferred to Company H, 10th N.Y. Infantry. He was mustered out with that company on the 30 of June, 1865.

William was the last Civil War soldier buried in Clinton County. He died January 13, 1943 at the age of 97.

Double checking to make sure everyone knows their part.

JVC Howard Lloyd talking with members
of the other Camps before the
ceremonies began.

Brothers talking to the decedents after
the dedication

Also on the 11th members of the Ladies Auxiliary traveled to Dexter for their Civil War Days.

During the day they took part in a Fashion Show that was presented, as well as enjoying all the other activities that were going on throughout the day.



.Photos are of members of the Ladies Auxiliary at the Dexter Fashion Show.

A member of the Marine Corps League presented a certificate signed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Center: Buddy receiving his Eagle Scout Medal.
Center top: Buddy with his mom and dad.
Center left: Pinning a miniature Eagle Scout Medal on his mother.
Center right: Pinning an Eagle Scout tie tack on his dad.

On the 25th the Camp was invited to a Court of Honor for Eagle Scout Buddy A. Whitaker Jr.. This was held at the Rod Mill Park in Jackson.

PCC Griggs presents a certificate
from Camp 7.

Members of the Camp waiting for the event to begin.

June Lloyd of the Ladies Auxiliary

Henry Hawker, Ed Conklin, & Howard Lloyd presenting the portrait and flag to the Waterloo Farm Museum.

Also over this whole weekend members of the Camp set up for Living History at the Waterloo Farm Museum's Blacksmith and Soldiers Days.

During this event the Camp presented a picture of President Lincoln signed on the back by members of the Camp and a State of Michigan Flag. We also spoke with many visitors about the life of a
Civil War soldier.

Front and back of the picture that was given to the Museum.

Ron Tyrl entertaining the camp with his drum(?) playing.

Dan Conklin and Henry Hawker of Austin Blair.

The welcoming committee at the zoo.

The male eagle.

Taylor with the poster her class made.

Stacy Hampton, Ron Tyrl and Taylor present the poster to Zoological Society Director Sherrie Graham (left) holding the U.S. Flag.

For the last ten years, Austin Blair Camp No. 7 has adopted the bald eagles at Potter Park Zoo. On the 27th Ron Tyrl and Bob Griggs, along with teacher Stacy Hampton, and class project leader Taylor of East Jackson Memorial Elementary School, went to the zoo to renew our adoption for the coming year. Mrs. Hampton's 2nd grade classes have been assisting Camp 7 with this project for the last couple of years.

While there we delivered an eagle poster that the students of Mrs. Hampton's class put together, a U.S. flag, and the money for the adoption of the 3 bald eagles that are housed at the zoo.

These items were delivered to Ms. Sherrie Graham, director of the Zoological Society in front of the
eagle exhibit.

After the presentation the group toured the zoo.

The two displays where Austin Blair Camp No. 7 is mentioned.

To see a short history of Camp 7 working with students on this over the last 10 years click here.

The 2 female eagles.

Taylor showing the poster to Ms Graham.

Closer photo of the poster.


Hot Air Jubilee (stock photo)

Dan Conklin brown shirt about the middle of the firing line at Hastings..

Mark Heath following up the firing line as it advanced to drive the Rebels out of town.

On the 16th and 17th of July Members of Camp 7 split to attend two different events. Some were at the Jackson Hot Air Jubilee, while others attended the Civil War Muster at Hastings.

During the Jubilee many people stopped by to talk about the upcoming Jackson Muster and brochures were passed out for that event. Also passed out were stories of Old Abe the 8th Wisconsin eagle mascot, Sam the artillery horse from Coldwater.

The Hastings Muster found a company of Union troops searching the town for a deserter. He was found and executed on the spot. The Company was then attacked by Confederate infantry and cavalry, but the Federal soldiers were reinforced and the Rebels driven from the town

Hot Air Jubilee (stock photo)

Mark and Dan resting before the battle.

Camp members talking to the kids about the displays.*

One of the first things we did was "enlist" all the kids into Father Abraham's Army.*

Charlie Waters Jr. talks about some of the weapons that we had.*

Various pictures from our days at Ella Sharp Museum's Civil War Camp*.

On July 26th, 27th, and 28th members of the Camp visited Ella Sharp Museum to work with their staff for the Summer Civil War Camp.

During our classroom time there we talked to the students about Michigan's roll in the Civil War. Also, the different types of money, women who had enlisted to fight as men, spies, and what would happen when someone would come into town to try to get the men to enlist in their company.

Once outside we talked to them about food they would have had in camp as well as when marching, medical techniques, basic maneuvers, the importance of the regimental flags, how to load and fire a rifled musket. They also assisted in setting up a camp.

* Pictures by Bob Burger Photographer.

Members with students leaving for maneuvers.*

Students on their way back from company drills

Members Ron Tyrl and Charlie Waters Jr. relaxing after the days work is over.

Camp Members, along with members of the 7th MI Posted the Colors.

Members of Camp 7.

Just like the Confederates to send a spy into the Union Camp to try to take their equipment.

The 30th of July found Camp and Auxiliary members at the Civil War Days in Concord at the
Paddock-Hubbard House.

Both Union and Confederate camps were set up for visitors to visit and ask questions about life for the Civil War soldier. Camp 7 members, assisted by members of the 7th Michigan Infantry, presented the Colors.

One of the highlights of the day was the "Second Battle at Paddock Plantation" in which the brave Union boys were attacked by a whole Corps of Confederates. After a long hard fought battle, in which our Union boys were outnumbered one to one, I'm happy to report that our boys drove them back and even took some prisoners.

After the battle all members formed a line, fired a volley and made a bayonet charge to the crowd.

Even the ladies got into checking the weapons. If you look close at the picture below you might find this one wearing gray.

The firing line after the battle.

Members living in the Confederate Camp.

After the battle and volley, a bayonet charge was made toward the spectators.


Liz makes sure she is ready to
start the day.

On the 13th of the month, members of Camp 7 and the Ladies Auxiliary traveled to St. Johns for their annual Mint Festival.

There they assisted members of the George W. Anderson Camp No. 58 who had set up displays
for the event.

Above and below, members enjoy their day at the St. Johns Mint Festival

Members getting ready to fall in
before the event.

Mike and Charles getting
equipment ready.

Charlie, Ron, and Chris before entering
the falls area.

On Wednesday the 24th, Camp and Auxiliary members presented the Colors before the concert given by The Dodworth Saxhorn Band at the Cascades Falls.

Although the weather did not fully cooperate a good time was had by all.

Camp members waiting to present the Colors.

Above and below are pictures of;

Henry relaxes in Camp Hawker during the Muster.

Elizabeth checking her basket before leaving the camp area.

Members of Camp 7 at Camp Hawker.

Joe and Ron at the Camps display.        Karen Hamann (center) at the Auxiliary tent.

The last weekend of the month found both the Camp and Auxiliary at the Jackson Civil War Muster.

This was the 27th year for the Muster and the Battle of Big Bethel was presented.

Members of the Camp once again set up Camp Hawker on top of Henry Hill in the Living History area and worked the band shell assisting visitors with trying to locate their ancestors service records or gravesites. This year the job was made much easier by having Internet access available to members of the Camp doing that work.

The Auxiliary set up their tent and fly just outside the band shell area and had their quilt squares there for visitors to sign to be included in quilts made for servicemen and women.

The Department of Michigan S.U.V.C.W. also set up a display in the band shell.

Liz and June Lloyd of the Ladies Auxiliary.

Ron and Mike working in the band shell.

Department SVC Dave Arnold and Bob Griggs enjoying their time at the Muster.


The new headstone of Private Aquilla R. Carey, 102 USCT.

Descendants of Private Carey
unveil the headstone.

Descendants of Aquilla R. Carey with S.U.V.C.W. members
who attended the dedication.

On Saturday, September 17, Camp Austin Blair was present along with members of Camp 14 and Camp 17 to assist with a headstone dedication presented my the General Benjamin Pritchard Camp No. 20.

The dedication was for Private Aquilla R. Carey who on January 3, 1864 at the age of 38 enlisted in the 1st Michigan Colored Infantry. This regiment when federalized became the 102nd U.S. Colored Troops.

Descendants of Private Carey were on hand for the ceremonies and were presented a proclamation by State Representative Aric Nesbitt of the 80th District.

Rep. Nesbitt presenting the proclamation to the family.

Commander Dale Aurand Camp 14, Commander Jeff Baker Camp 20, Bob Griggs PCC Camp 7, Paul Arnold Dept SVC.(Camp 17).

Brother Lloyd (with kepi) with his wife June, (right) and granddaughter Liz (left) of the Auxiliary in background at the dinner.

Brother Cole of Camp 17.

Brothers and friends who attended the dinner.

On Tuesday, September 27, members of Camp No. 7 joined their Bothers from Camp 17, Department Commander Shaw, and guest at a dinner put on by Camp 17. I am really hoping that we didn't wear out our welcome so we can go back next year.

The food was great and I'm guessing no one left hungry as there was plenty of it.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by Brother Billy Cole of Camp 17 who sang camp songs.

Department Commander Shaw (center) and Camp 17 Commander George Roux (left) speaking with Liz Lloyd of the Auxiliary.

Department SVC Dave Arnold talking to one of the guest.


Our Camp's National Flag.

Looking at the exhibits.

Not sure what it is but everyone seemed to like it.


The sun came out to warm up the events.

We hit the ground running in the month of October starting on the very first day as members of both the Camp and the Auxiliary set up at the Corn Festival in Albion. This year the weather started off cloudy and cold but warmed up some toward the afternoon. Although it stayed rather windy all day long.

Many people stopped by to talk to us and look at the items we had on display. Several times throughout the day members of the camp also gave firing demonstrations to the visitors of the festival.

Visitors stopping by our camp.

Having our lunch of cornbread and stew.

Auxiliary members in Albion.

The G.A.R. monument in Williamston.

Dakota Zimmerlee and Dallas King of Troops 63 BSA assisted us.

Presenting the colors.

On the 7th we traveled to Williamston and with the assistance of Department SVC, Dave Arnold, Camp 58 Commander, Ray Lake, and Boy Scouts from Troop 63 we marched in the Homecoming Parade and presented the Colors before the game for the National Anthem.

It would appear that we brought the Hornets some good luck as they won a nail biter 14-13.

The Color Guard during the parade.

Above and below; relaxing between the parade and presenting the Colors.

Members taking a break after setting up before events begin.

June Lloyd and Henry Hawker taking to visitors.

The Farm House Museum

The 9th found members of the Camp and the Auxiliary at the Waterloo Farm Museum. We could not have ask for a better day and with large crowd of visitors there, we had many opportunities to talk about our ancestors and what we do.

Chris Cox looks on as June works on a needlepoint.

Ron Lewis checking out some of the other Civil War related displays.

Brothers Ed & Dan Conklin.

Brothers Mark Heath and Chris Cox.

On Sunday October 30, members of the Camp attended the Cascades Muster Appreciation Dinner held at the Cascades Clubhouse. Brothers Chris Cox and Mark Heath both received Certificates of Appreciation. Chris also received an award for being Committee Member of the Year. Congratulations to both of you for your awards and Thank You! for all of your hard work.

Brothers Mark Heath and Ed Conklin.


Brother Griggs with North Jackson Lions Club member Vicki Lautzenheiser.

The month of November started off just about as busy as it could be for members of the Camp and the Ladies Auxiliary. On the 2nd, PCC Bob Griggs visited the North Jackson Lions Club and presented a program on Michigan in the Civil War. Hardtack was passed out to all the Lions Club members, hopefully it didn't spoil their dinners.

On the 5th members of the Camp and the Auxiliary, along with brothers from throughout Michigan, attended the Detroit Veterans Day Parade. On the 6, again with Brothers from throughout the Department of Michigan, members meet at the State Historical Center for the Massing of the Colors celebration.

Massing of the Colors celebration.

All of the Flags were set up together.


Members of Camp 7 at the Defense of the Flag Monument during the Jackson ceremony.



Before the Mason Parade members stopped for lunch.


The only way to march.

Camp 7 members with Sgt. Mietelka U.S.A.

Veteran's Day, November 11th found members of Austin Blair Camp No. 7 attending 3 different events. In the morning Camp and Auxiliary members took part in ceremonies at Jackson and Jonesville. The afternoon found our members along with Sons from other camps and members of the 17th Michigan Infantry re-enactors group taking part in the Mason Veteran's Day Parade.

Sons, Auxiliary and others at Mason.

Some of the Flags.


Auxiliary member, June Lloyd places a wreath at the Defense of the Flag monument.



Talking over what would be
needed for the march.


Marching through Mason.

Commander Hawker receives his Commanders Badge.

At our November 14th meeting Camp Officers were sworn in for the 2012 year.
The officers for the new year are;

Commander Henry Hawker
SVC Howard Lloyd
JVC Daniel Watkins
Patriotic Instructor Mark Heath
Secretary Ron Tyrl
Treasrer Mike Maillard
Chaplain Chris Cox
Graves Registration Charles Waters III

Members of the Camp Council are:
  PCC Bob Hoffman
  PCC Jeff Oberdank
  PCC Ron Lewis.

Officers being installed by Department Commander Shaw.

Above and below - SUVCW members from around the area took part in the dedication.

The Memorial dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients with ties to Jackson County.

November 22nd found us, as well as Brothers from other S.U.V.C.W camps from around the Jackson/Lansing area taking part in a Memorial dedication to Congressional Medal of Honor recipients with
associations to Jackson County.

The Memorial is located in Blackman Township of Jackson County just behind the Baymont Inn & Suites
just off US 127.

Above and below - SUVCW members from around the area took part in the dedication.


(above and below)
Brothers from three mid-Michigan Camps as well as re-enactors took part in the event..

Checking out the Courthouse.

The memorial to Ingham County fallen Civil War Soldiers.

On December 7th, members of Camp 7, Camp 17, Camp 58, The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS), 7th Michigan Infantry re-enactors, and the American Legion dedicated a memorial to the men from Ingham County who died during the Civil War. This memorial is on display at the Ingham County Courthouse in Mason, MI if you are in the area please stop in and see it. It is very nicely done.

After the ceremonies Sisters June and Liz Lloyd, and Brother Bob Griggs got to hold a razor that was carried throughout the Civil War by their ancestor Edwin Potter, Company K, 4th Michigan Cavalry that is on display at the Courthouse.

A closer look at the artwork of the memorial.

Brothers of Camp 58.

Descendants of Edwin Potter with his razor.

Family and friends joined us for our party.

Mile Maillard and Ron Tyrl talking to
"General and Mrs Grant".Brother Chris Cox sang carols for us.

The invitation to the party.

On Sunday, December 11th, the Ladies Auxiliary to Camp 7 put on the 13th annual Christmas Party for members of the Camp and Auxiliary. A wonderful time was had by all as Brothers and Sisters of the Camp, their family and friends had plenty of time to catch up with those they had not seen in awhile. Once again there was more than enough excellent food and conversation.

Brother Chris Cox sang Christmas Carols and a brownbag auction was held with Brenda Walters as our auctioneer. She was assisted by Liz Lloyd. Money earned from this years auction will be divided between the Salvation Army and
Toys for Toys.

Permit Ladies, on behalf of the Austin Blair Camp to THANK YOU! for another wonderful party. Looking forward to next years already.

Family and friends joined us for our party.

Our auctioneers, Brenda Walters and Liz Lloyd.


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