Edwin Potter - 4th Michigan Cavalry

1863 ~ 1865

Edwin Potter was born in Chenago, New York in 1835. It is not known when he moved to Michigan but at some point in time he, and his family did. On October 30th of 1863 he was drafted into the service for a period of 3 years. He was 28 years old at that time and had blue eyes, light hair and complexion and stood 5 ft 7 3/4 inches tall. On December 8th of 63 he was mustered into Federal service at Jackson, MI and was assigned to the 4th Regiment Michigan Cavalry. His muster sheet dated from January and February of 1864 shows him as "New Recruit assigned Feb 28/64 Regtl Order detached Nashville for Equipment". While there, like so many other men who fought in the Civil War he became sick and was place in the hospital in Nashville, returning to the 4th sometime in November or December of 1864. He was with the regiment for the remainder of the War. After the War ended he was to be "Retained in the service at the muster out of the Regt and ordered to be transferred to the 2 Mich Cav". Because of illness he had when he first entered the service this order was "revoked" and he was ordered mustered out which was done at Edgefield Tennessee on August 15, 1865. After receiving his 10 months back pay he returned to Michigan, settling in the Okemos area and returned to farming, which he had done before the War. He became a member of Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Post 42 in 1884.

If you ever go to the Ingham County Courthouse, go down to the basement and you will see just outside the County Clerks Office a display case. In one of those cases there is a razor that written on the card states "This razor was carried through the Civil War by the late Edwin Potter Co K. 4th Michigan Cavalry. The 4th Michigan Cavalry was the unit that captured Jefferson Davis, and Mr. Potter was on{e} of the first three guards that was placed over the noted Captive."