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Eagle Scout Certificates
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Austin Blair Camp No. 7

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Throughout the State, the SUVCW currently has 24 Camps in various localities in both Upper and Lower Michigan. Each of these Camps is located within one of the eight Boy Scout Councils in the State of Michigan.

One of our many goals and purposes is to reward young men who achieve the status of Eagle Scout with a special congratulatory letter and color Certificate of Commendation, signed by the Department Commander and suitable for framing. While we encourage any young man searching for that special community service project to look to us for inspiration on projects relating to the Civil War, we offer this certificate with no "strings attached" other than you must be an Eagle.

Your Eagle Court of Honor observes a very proud tradition that our organization is pleased to recognize, in memory of the GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC (GAR). Comprised of over 400,000 Union Veterans of the American Civil War of 1861-1865, the GAR was a living symbol of patriotism when the Boy Scouts of America was formed in 1910. Before the passing of their last member (on August 2, 1956) the GAR officially recognized the SONS OF UNION VETERANS OF THE CIVIL WAR (SUVCW) as their Legal Heir. As such, it is our honor to maintain the many traditions of the GAR. These include the promotion of good citizenship by teaching patriotism, civic duties, and the love & honor of our flag - concepts that are "near and dear" to the Boy Scouts of America.


(Any Council, Troop, parent, guardian or the Scout, may order the Certificate.)

1. Download the Eagle Scout Commendation Application at www.austinblaircamp7.com/eagle_scout.htm
2. Send the completed application by mail or e-mail directly to our Austin Blair Camp #7 Eagle Scout Coordinator:

Nathan Tingley
Austin Blair Camp #7
Eagle Scout Coordinator
1475 Glasgow Road
Jackson, MI. 49201


    The certificate is only available to those Eagle Scouts with a current Court of Honor scheduled.
    We ask that you allow forty five-days for us to process your request.
    Should you not receive a response within ten (10) days of submitting your request, please contact the Camp Commander through our web site.


Every effort is made to make a personal presentation of the Certificate by one or more members of a Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Camp, dressed either in the "uniform" of our Order or in the uniform of the Union soldier in the Civil War. In instances where the travel distance to a Court of Honor is too great or our schedule doesn't permit a personal delivery, the Certificate will be mailed to you with a special congratulatory letter.

For a .pdf application click here; Eagle Scout Application
For a listing of certificates issued click here.

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