I love you, O how dearly,
Words too faintly but express
This heart beats too sincerely
E'er in life to love you less
No, my fancy never ranges,
Hopes like mine, can never soar,
If the love I cherish changes,
'Twill only change to love you more.

. Jennie Watkins, in a love letter to Sam Watkins, while he was at war.


. On the 15th of September Brother Daniel Pardee and Sister Elizabeth Kemler were married in Concord at the Paddock-Hubbard House. Many members of the Camp and the Auxiliary were able to attend and share their day with them. Congratulations to both of you. May you have a long, happy and as stated in the prayer, fruitful life together.


The Bride and Groom gett'in hitched.

The Bride and Groom after the ceremony.

The couple during family pictures.

Daniel with his grandfather.


Members of the Camp and Auxiliary in the Wedding.


The bride; Sister Elizabeth Pardee.

The groom; Brother Daniel Pardee.

The mother of the groom; Sister Karen Hamann.

A groomsman; Brother Kyle Bublitz.


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