Cyrus H. Potter - 12th Michigan Infantry

1864 ~ 1864

Cyrus Potter was born in Chenago, New York around 1845. According to the Brown Books, he " Enlisted in company G, Twelfth Infantry, Feb. 24, 1864, at Jackson, for 3 years, age 21. Mustered Feb. 27, 1984. Died of disease at Little Rock, Ark, Sept. 18, 1864. Buried in National Cemetery at Little Rock, Ark. Section 7, Grave No. 528. "

Once you get past that things get kind of confusing. According to his military records, he was mustered on the 27th of February, which is the date listed above, but there is also paperwork stating that he was mustered on the 29th of February. Also there seems to be some difference in his age at the time of his enlistment, since on some of the pages he is listed as being 19, and on others he was 21. On March 6, he along with others who had enlisted in the 12th at this time, were sent to Niles, where the Regiment was originally formed . It was here that he actually joined his company.

His Company Muster Roll sheet for March/April shows him as being absent from his Company - as he was in the hospital at Little Rock Arkansas. It would seem that he never left there and his Muster Roll sheet for September/October shows that he died of disease. Here too we get confusing information. According to the Brown Book, as you can see from above, he died on September 18, 1864, according to three sheets of his military records that is the correct date, however there is one sheet that states he died at Little Rock Hospital on September 8, 1864. On two other sheets it states that he died on September 14, 1864. This is not the end of the confusion, as part of the paperwork in his records state that he died of rubella, while another part state that he died of diarrhea!

There is paperwork within his records that states that after his death his personal items were auctioned off and brought the total sum of $8.00. Included in that amount were the following items.

1 great coat ($2.00)
1 uniform coat ($2.00)
1 pair of trousers ($1.00)
2 pairs of drawers ($1.00)
2 shirts ($0.75)
1 pair of socks ($0.10)
1 poncho ($0.50)
1 knapsack ($0.40)
1 pocketbook ($0.25)
At the time of his death he also had banknotes in the amount of $36.55.

Cyrus is buried at the National Cemetery at Little Rock, Arkansas section 7 grave number 528.