November 2008

Commanders Column


In my first message to you I wish to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to be Commander of this Camp. I feel it is indeed an honor and I hope I am able to fill it as well as my predecessors have.

We seem to have a busy year a head of us and I hope that all of you will be able to participate in these upcoming events; the Camps 95th birthday, or our trip to Springfield to take part in the Annual Lincoln Tomb Ceremony,(those of us who were able to attend the tomb ceremony in 2007 can only hope that the weather is just a little bit nicer to us this time around), Memorial Day parades, dedications at cemeteries, and the Muster. Yes it looks like a very busy year. I'm sure that it is nothing that we cannot handle.

As Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and Christmas is quickly approaching, I think we should each take a moment to reflect the blessings that has been given to us. Also, to take time to pray for the safety of our troops who are away from home and in harms way. We all know that without the service of those troops, past, present, and future, America would not be the greatest country in the world.

Bill Lowe, after serving about 12 years as GRO, has decided to step down from this position. I'm sure you all join me in giving Bill a great big THANK YOU for all of his hard work that he has provided to not only our Camp throughout his tenure in that position, but also to the Department. Thank you Bill, not only from us here in the Camp but from all of those who you assisted over the years.

In closing I wish to once again thank all of you for this honor and let you all know that I truly look forward to the year ahead.

In Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty.

Bob Griggs CC
November 20, 2008

Treasure's Report
Mike Maillard
1 September 2008 thru 30 September 2008
1 September 2008 . Total Begining Balance $2,919.78

1 September 2008 . General Fund Beginning Ballance $786.96

. Michael Gillete Initiation and partial dues . $43.00
. William Vette Initiation and partial dues (short $2.50) . $40.50
. SUVCW Dept of MI Issued CK 264 for Per Capita
Dues for Russell Watson, Michael Gillett and William Vette
. -$54.00
30 September 2008 . General Fund Ending Balance $816.46
1 September 2008 . Restoration Fund Beginning Balance $557.78

30 September 2008 . Restoration Fund Ending Balance $557.78
1 September 2008 . Camp Blair Memorial Fund Beginning Balance $1,575.04
30 September 2008 . Camp Blair Memorial Fund Ending Balance $1,575.04
30 September 2008 . Total Ending Balance $2,949.28

1 October 2008 thru 31 October 2008

1 October 2008 . Total Begining Balance $2,949.28

1 October 2008 . General Fund Beginning Ballance $816.46

. Consumers Quarterly Dividend . $20.25
31 October 2008 . General Fund Ending Balance $836.71
1 October 2008 . Restoration Fund Beginning Balance $557.78

31 October 2008 . Restoration Fund Ending Balance $557.78
1 October 2008 . Camp Blair Memorial Fund Beginning Balance $1,575.04
31 October 2008 . Camp Blair Memorial Fund Ending Balance $1,575.04
31 October 2008 . Total Ending Balance $2,969.53

Secretary's Report
Ron Tyrl PPC

The November 10, 2008 meeting of the Austin Blair Camp No.7 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was held at the Eagles, 209 N. Francis Jackson, Michigan.

Members in attendance were Brothers: Dan Conklin, Frank Engle, Dave Gilman, Bob Griggs, Henry Hawker, Mark Heath, Avery Lynch, Howard Lloyd, Mike Maillard, John McFeters, Jeff Oberdank, Ron Tyrl, and Charlie Waters Jr.

The Secretary's report was motioned accepted as published in the courier by Brother Waters, seconded by Brother Gilman. Motion Passed. The Treasurer's Reports were distributed for review and acceptance by Brother Gilman, seconded by Brother Engle. Motion Passed. Treasurer Maillard sent the check for the Camp Blair Historical Marker from receipts received from Brother Lowe.

Commander Conklin opened the meeting by summarizing his work on the Camp's meeting location on going inquiries. Commander Conklin was in contact with the Elks on Lansing Ave. and their leadership board will meet this coming week for a vote on our holding our January Camp meeting at their location to give us an option between the Eagles or the Elks facility to hold our meetings in. Once we have been at both locations a vote will be done on which facility would be best to hold our meetings. Tentatively the January meeting will be at the Elks on Lansing Ave. Word will be sent if changed.


The Auxiliary passed out invitations to the Christmas party, Sunday, December 14, 2008 from 1 to 5pm, at the Sandstone Congregational Church on Sandstone Road. Entertainment will be the tenth annual "Paper Bag Auction". It's a good time and please RSVP Vicki Weiss with the number attending.

Patriotic Instructor

1. Brother Gilman reported that the Grand Ledge Michigan Historical Society will be doing a program on Veterans Day on "Letters from Grand Ledge Civil War soldiers," at 7:30pm at the society. Also items related to the civil war from Grand Ledge will be presented and Brother Keith Harrison will discuss the G.A.R.

2. Brother Gilman also passed around an instructional pamphlet on the folding of the American flag.

3. Brother Maillard summarized an article on the unclaimed remains of New England Veterans and a discussion followed on the House Bill 6200, that allows the remains to be properly buried, that was covered at our last meeting.

4. Brother McFeters summarized his recent trip to Gettysburg, discussing the landscape work being done on the battle field to restore it to its original look during the battle.

Old Business

Commander Conklin received permission to have Chaplain Heath conduct the initiation of the 2009 Camp office nominees from the Department. The Camp 2009 nominating committee submitted to the Camp the year's elected nominees:

Commander: Bob Griggs
Senior Vice Commander: John McFeters
Junior Vice Commander: Dave Gilman
Secretary: Ron Tyrl
Treasurer: Mike Maillard
Camp Council: Dan Conklin, Charlie Waters Jr. and Daniel Watkins.
Department Delegates: Camp at Large.

Nominations from the floor were asked for, and Brother Oberdank motioned to accept the elected nominees as received, seconded by Brother Waters. Motion Passed. Chaplain Heath proceeded to initiate the nominees for the 2009 year.

New Business

1. Commander Griggs thanked Past Camp Commander Dan Conklin for his service to the Camp as Commander and then presented Brother Conklin with the past Camp Commander's Badge. PCC Conklin received a round of applause.

2. Commander Griggs reported that Brother Lowe has asked for another to take the Graves Registration position in the camp and the importance of this position and the reputation of our camp's assistance to the Department and National level not to mention all the local and nationwide request for assistance in this program was held. Brother Charlie Waters III, as a possible replacement, since he has worked with Brother Lowe in this project was mentioned. Commander Griggs will ask Brother Waters if he's interested in this position.

3. Chaplain Heath, the current publisher of the Courier, motioned to have the Camp Courier placed on the Camp's website as the Banner and Messenger is published from the Dept and National level to save on expenses of mailing hard copies. A discussion was held on those members that don't have access to the website and Secretary Tyrl agreed to provide copies of the Courier at the Camp meetings. The motion was accepted by Brother Oberdank and seconded by Brother McFeters. Motion Passed. It was agreed that an e-mail will be sent to notify when the Courier is published on the website.

4. A discussion on clearing pictures from the website to make space was held and it was agreed that the discretion of the Signal's Officer will be done on which to remove.

5. Brother Heath also motioned to change the number of Camp Meetings from nine to six per year or every other month from January, March, May, July, Sept. and November. The motion was seconded, a vote was conducted and the motion failed.

For the Good of the Order

1. The Albion Recorder newspaper articles on the Corn Festival and Concord event were displayed at the meeting with pictures of our Camp's participation.

2. Treasurer Maillard will send to the Dept. of Michigan the monies collected for the Gettysburg "Remembrance Day" flag ceremony for flags to be placed on Michigan soldier's graves interned in the National Cemetery.

3. Brother Hawker suggested the Camp give some thought for a "get together" for the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the Camp this coming April.

4. Birthday Cake is available for all after the meeting to celebrate Auxiliary Brenda Walter's birthday.

Commander Griggs proceeded to close the meeting at 8:50pm and our next camp meeting is scheduled for January 12, 2008, tentatively to be held at the Elks on Lansing Ave. Jackson, Michigan.

Upcoming Events
13th Saturday 8:30 a.m.Vandercook
Civil War Roundtable Meeting at MARRS Avenue Grill South (formerly Bill's Coffee Manor), 3306 Francis Street.


14th Sunday 1 ~ 5 p.m.Jackson
Tenth Annual Christmas Get Together Sandstone Congregational Church/Paul King Center
250 South Sandstone Road.
Please RSVP to Vicki by December 9, 2008 with number attending.


27th Saturday 8:30 a.m.Vandercook
Civil War Roundtable Meeting at MARRS Avenue Grill South (formerly Bill's Coffee Manor), 3306 Francis Street.


10th Saturday 8:30 a.m.Vandercook
Civil War Roundtable Meeting at MARRS Avenue Grill South (formerly Bill's Coffee Manor), 3306 Francis Street.


12th Monday 7 p.m.Jackson
Austin Blair Camp Meeting and Auxiliary Meeting. ( Visitors welcome).
Please check back for location.


24th Saturday 8:30 a.m.Vandercook
Civil War Roundtable Meeting at MARRS Avenue Grill South (formerly Bill's Coffee Manor), 3306 Francis Street.



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