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"It is not merely for today, but for all time to come that we should perpetuate for our children's children this great and free government, which we have enjoyed all our lives."

October, 2015



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Rally Round the Flag
Secretary's Report
Waterloo Farm Museum
The G.A.R. in Michigan
Mosby and Grant
Civil War Money
Urban Air - Eaton Rapids
Upcoming events
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A photo from the Civil War

Brothers and Sisters of Camp No. 7
at the Waterloo Farm Museum.

PCC Ron Tyrl and Brother Nathan Tingley working the Manual of Arms with one of the recruits.

On the 11th of October, members of the Camp and Auxiliary set up at the ice house at the Waterloo Farm Museum, for their annual Pioneer Day. The weather could not have been better and many visitors took advantage of the day to visit the museum to enjoy the many different exhibits that were set up around the ground. They were also entertained by individuals playing music, and were able to enjoy horse drawn wagon rides.

We were able to talk to meny visitors about Civil War soldiers as well as our ancestors. We also had other items on display to help people understand how the Civil War soldier lived.

Once again, the highlights of our day were having the assistance of visitors in saving Woody, who again managed to get himself wounded. With their assistance Woody will live to fight another day, if he can learn to keep his head down that is. We were also able to enlist many new recruits into Mr. Lincoln's Army. If we have many more events like this, we'll soon have the 300,000 for Father Abra'am Army.

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Civil War Money

At the time of the Civil War many States, banks, and business printed their own money.
Below is an example of one of those bills..

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Mosby & Grant
Submitted by Ron Tyrl

By the end of the war, John Mosby because he had humiliated so many Union officers, there was some trouble having him paroled as a surrendered soldier. More than one Union general wanted him to hang as a common thief. General Grant finally stepped in and saw that Mosby was fairly treated. As a matter of fact, the two became friends. When Grant was running for president, Mosby turned Republican to support his candidacy. When Grant was elected, he repaid the favor by naming Mosby United States Consul to Hong Kong. Mosby died in 1916.

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Secretary's Report
Ron Tyrl PPC

The October 12, 2015 meeting of the Austin Blair Camp No.7 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was held at the Post 29 American Legion, Jackson, Michigan.

Members in attendance were Brothers: Chris Cox, Joe Davis, Bob Griggs, Henry Hawker, Kim Horning, Dave Kimble, Ron Lewis, Howard Lloyd, Mike Maillard, Nathan Tingley, Ron Tyrl, Charlie Waters III and Charlie Waters Jr, Junior; Alex Tingley. Guest: PDC Paul Davis, Bruce Barton, & Bill Lowe.

Brother Bill Lowe summarized the Medal of Honor recepient John Kelly's headstone status that he and Brother Charlie Waters have been working for some time through the VA process. Brother Lowe reported that the cost to purchase the stone rather than await the VA approval and shipping is $600 which $300 has been donated so far. Brother Maillard motioned for the Camp to donate $150 from the Bob Hoffman fund for the headstone, seconded by Brother Cox, motion passed.
Bruce Barton from the Under the Oaks committee reported there will be changes in the 2016 program in July the Camp participates in.
The Secretary's report was motioned accepted as published in the Courier by Brother Griggs and seconded by Brother Kimble, motion passed.
The Treasurer's Report was motioned accepted as presented by Brother Griggs and seconded by Brother Davis, motion passed.

Patriotic Instructor

Brother Davis encouraged the bringing in books and other materials to share among the Camp's members.

Graves Registration

Brother Waters III continues researching and currently working to find relatives to order a headstone for a veteran that is in an unmarked grave.


1. Brother Griggs has updated the 2015 Website & Facebook up to last weekend's Waterloo fall festival "Pioneer Days".

Old Business

1. Brother Hawker reviewed the 2016 Nominations: Commander- Chris Cox, SVC- Dave Kimble JVC- Nate Tingley. Nominations were asked for from the floor and receiving non Brother Griggs motioned to accept the nominees, seconded by Brother Tingley, motion passed. Installations will be next meeting.

New Business

1. Brother Tingley summarized the cost to replace the Camp's fly with a new purchase at $169.95 for a 12x12 and $239.95 for a 14x15.
2. A review was done on the restoration being proposed done on the "Defense of the Flag" Withington monument in Jackson. Brother Horning agreed to contact the restoration representative to invite him to our Camp meeting to review with us the restoration proposed.
3. Brother Griggs reviewed the February 6th, Saturday, Chelsea Library's "Michigan in the Civil War", program. Brother Griggs asked for other speakers to help with this program and Brothers Cox, Tingley, and Kimble agreed to assist.
4. Brother Horning reminded the Camp of the Jackson Roundtable program on the Williamsburg, Virginia & Peninsula campains tomorrow night at 6:30pm.
5. Brother Cox reported that the National Graves Registration Officer is assisting him with researching his civil war relative's records.
6. Brother Tingley has been in contact with Department on the Eagle Scout programs and updating the Department Eagle Scout website information. Brother Tingley is working on the Eagle Scout Certificates and work programs we have available for scouts.

For the Good of the Order

Events up-coming:

1. November 11, Veteran's Day programs, Jackson at 11am at Withington monument and Mason, Michigan's parade at 3pm.
2. November 13, Friday, Spring Arbor honors Veterans Day, to be held at the Senior Center.
3. November 21, Saturday, Remembrance Day, Gettysburg, Pa.
4. December 13, second Sunday, Camp Christmas Party.

Commander Waters proceeded to close the meeting at 8:15pm and our next camp meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 9th, to be held at Post 29 American Legion, Jackson, Michigan.

Don't forget the manual of Arms training will be taking place 15 minutes prior to the start of our meeting. If you wish to take part in this training bring your musket, belt and bayonet.

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G.A.R. Memorial Hall and Museum
Discovery Day Camp

A group photo of some of our Brothers and Sisters at Urban Air.

On the first weekend of October, Auxiliary and Camp members visited Eaton Rapids to work at the GAR Memorial Hall and Museum during their Urban Air Festival, and set up camp at the Heritage Day event at the Miller Farm.

Friday was a great day working the museum where we had the chance to talk to many visitors to the museum and explain to them what the G.A.R. was and what they did. Saturday? well let's just say it was a very good day for the ladies to be wearing 9 layers of cloths and the men to be wearing wool, as it was a rather cold and damp day that unfortunately kept the crowd down some, but those that did attend were show how a civil war soldier would have lived as well as the equipment that they would have carried with them.

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Upcoming Events

Please click here to see our upcoming events.

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Swamp Port Royal Virginia.

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Shelby, Michigan 1908.

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