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"It is not merely for today, but for all time to come that we should perpetuate for our children's children this great and free government, which we have enjoyed all our lives."

September, 2017



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A 9-11 tribute
Secretary's Report
Special Order 191
The G.A.R. in Michigan
Jackson Muster 2017
Civil War Money
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A photo from the Civil War

A tribute to 9-11

Sister Vicki Weiss lights her candle during the 9-11 tribute

At our meeting on September 11th, Auxiliary President Connie Horning put together a program as a memorial to the victims of the 9-11 attacks. The memorial consisted of a short reading about some of the victims, a Bible verse, and lighting a candle for each of those remembered. After which, a moment of silence was observed.

After the ceremony there were displays and photos for the Brothers and Sisters to see as well as cookies and punch to enjoy. Thank you Sister Horning for putting this memorial together. It was a very fitting tribute to those who died in the attacks.

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Jackson Muster 2017

SVDC Bob Griggs, PCC Mark Heath, PCinC Keith Harrison
at the EKIP event.

Sisters of Camp No. 7 Auxiliary who took
part in the event.

PCC Mike Maillard answering quesitons from
visitors to the 2017 Muster.

PCC Ron Tyrl working with some children in assisting a wounded soldier.

Over the weekend of August 25th thru the 27th the Brothers and Sisters of the Austin Blair Camp set up at the Jackson Civil War Muster. On Friday, while several other Brothers were setting up for the Muster, DSVC Bob Griggs in conjunction with Michigan's Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall and Museum help out with the Every Kid in the Park Programs where he talked with local children from several local schools about the Grand Army of the Republic. PCC Mark Heath playing bugle calls announced with it was time for those attending the event to move to the next station.

On Saturday and Sunday those who did not take part in the re-enactment talked to visitors to the event about the life of a Civil War soldier as well as the history of the G.A.R., SUVCW and the ASUVCW. They were also told how they could research their ancestors to see if they had any that fought to preserve the Union, or is they knew that, where they might be buried. All in all it was a very successful weekend.

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Captain Bloss was a Sergeant when he found Lee's order 191
Three cigars
Changed the War

Union soldiers find a copy of Confederate General Robert E. Lee's orders detailing the Confederates' plan for the Antietam campaign near Frederick, Maryland. But Union General George B. McClellan was slow to act, and the advantage the intelligence provided was lost.

On the morning of September 13, the 27th Indiana rested in a meadow outside of Frederick, Maryland, which had served as the site of a Confederate camp a few days before. Sergeant John Bloss and Corporal Barton W. Mitchell found a piece of paper wrapped around three cigars. The paper was addressed to Confederate General D.H. Hill. Its title read, "Special Order No. 191, Headquarters, Army of Northern Virginia." Realizing that they had discovered a copy of the Confederate operation plan, Bloss and Mitchell quickly passed it up the chain of command. By chance, the division adjutant general, Samuel Pittman, recognized the handwriting on the orders as that of a colleague from the prewar army, Robert Chilton, who was the adjutant general to Robert E. Lee.

Pittman took the order to McClellan. The Union commander had spent the previous week mystified by Lee's operations, but now the Confederate plan was clear. He reportedly gloated, "Here is a paper with which if I cannot whip Bobbie Lee, I will be willing to go home." McClellan now knew that Lee's forces were split into five parts and scattered over a 30-mile stretch, with the Potomac River in between. At least eight miles separated each piece of Lee's army, and McClellan was just a dozen miles from the nearest Confederate unit at South Mountain. Bruce Catton, the noted Civil War historian, observed that no general in the war "was ever given so fair a chance to destroy the opposing army one piece at a time."

Yet McClellan squandered the opportunity. His initial jubilation was overtaken by his caution. He believed that Lee possessed a far greater number of troops than the Confederates actually had, despite the fact that the Maryland invasion resulted in a high rate of desertion among the Southerners. McClellan was also excruciatingly slow to respond to the information in the so-called Lost Order. He took 18 hours to set his army in motion, marching toward Turner's Gap and Crampton's Gap in South Mountain, a 50-mile long ridge that was part of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Civil War Money

At the time of the Civil War many States, banks, and business printed their own money.
Below is an example of one of those bills..

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Secretary's Report
Ron Tyrl PPC

The September 11, 2017 meeting of the Austin Blair Camp No.7 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was held at the American Legion Post 29, Jackson, Michigan.

Members in attendance were Brothers: Chris Cox, Joe Davis, Bob Griggs, Kim Horning, Dave Kimble, Ron Lewis, Howard Lloyd, Mike Maillard, Nathan Tingley, Ron Tyrl, Dave Van Hoof, Charlie Waters III, Charlie Waters Jr and Ray Lake.

Commander Chris Cox welcomed back Brother Van Hoof and requested the Secretary's report which was motioned accepted as published in the Courier by Brother Griggs and seconded by Brother Kimble, motion passed.
The Treasurer's Report was motioned accepted as presented by Brother Tingley and seconded by Brother Lewis, motion passed. Treasurer Maillard reported that the Department cashed check #528 which was voided and will reimburse the camp for its amount. The quartermaster supplies ordered were delivered to Brother Horning. Also the filing of Camp's tax 990n forms will be done by the Department.


Brother Dave Kimble reported that the revised By-Laws were forwarded to all members for review and he received some recommended revisions from Brother Maillard. Brother Tingley motioned to table acceptance of the By-Laws until the October meeting to allow time for revision and reviews, seconded by Brother Kimble, motion passed.

Patriotic Instructor

1. Brother Joe Davis brought in the letter from National Patriotic instructor on the patriotic issues faced currently with traditional: Prayer, Flag protocols, Pledge of allegiance, etc. under attack and the need for our order to educate the public and support these issues.
2. Newspaper articles on the future of reenactments were brought in for review.

Graves Registration

1. Our Camp's Hillsdale County Graves Registration continues with Dept. GRO Rick Danes supporting our efforts. Dept. Rick Danes will be working the National Database also.
2. Brother Waters reported that the Dept. GRO meeting was held last weekend and the latest count is 70,305 Veterans of Michigan Regiment's names and additional 3,836 other wars veterans added to the database.


1. Brother Griggs has updated the webpages and face book to present and auxiliary pages and the auxiliary presented Brother Griggs with a "Red Wagon" with lots of provisions for his work on the auxiliary's web pages.


1. An Ypsilanti Michigan stone dedication invitation was received for Saturday, September 23, 2017.


1. Brothers working the Jackson Muster reported a number of applications were handed out to potential members of our Camp and Department's Camps.

Old Business

1. Brother Tingley reported nothing new currently on the "Michigan at Antietam" monument continues awaiting money collection & monument design options & placement will be where the 7th Michigan Regiment was engaged in the battle and the 102ND Lansing, Michigan Monument.
2. Brother Van Hoof plans on attending the "Under the Oaks" & "Abolition" park & Museum proposals and Jackson's Underground Railroad meetings since his return from his National Park duties recently.
3. Camp Blair sign repair continues to be worked by Brother Tingley as he will contact the Sign's Mall Owner.
4. Camp tent grommet tear at front left corner will be looked into by Auxiliary Connie Horning.
5. Discussion on the loss of one of the Camp's Flag Holders at the Jackson Muster was held with the replacement for $25 for consideration.

New Business

1. $75 was given by the Auxiliary for the maintaining of our Web pages.
2. Brother Van Hoof reported that the 'Under the Oaks" state sign needs to be repaired as the lettering is fading.
3. Brother Van Hoof reported that the Brooklyn American Legion post has what he believes is the Brooklyn GAR Post's 'Voting Box" which he would like to donate to the Eaton Rapid's GAR Museum.
4. Nominations for Camp Officers for the 2018 term should be forwarded to PCC Ron Tyrl. Officer elections will be held at our next meeting.

For the Good of the Order

1. Saturday Sept. 23, 2017 Ypsilanti Stone dedication and Bay City's Time Line event program.
2. Sunday Sept, 24, 2017 Eaton Rapids the G.A.R. Memorial Hall and Museum is celebrating its 5th year of operation.
3. Sunday October 8, 2017 Pioneer Days Fall Festival Waterloo Farm Museum.
4. Saturday October 14, 2017 7th Michigan's Regiment's 14th Harvest Ball at the Lansing's Central United Methodist Church.
5. Monday October 23, 2017 "Civil War Michigan Landmarks" program at the Tecumseh Library given by Dave Ingall.

Commander Cox closed the meeting at 8:10pm with a September 11th commemorative program MCed by Auxiliary President Connie Horning. Our next camp meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 9, 2017 to be held at Post 29 American Legion.

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Upcoming Events

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An original photograph shown with a colorized picture of the same view. 93rd New York Drum Corps.

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A ribbon from the Austin Blair Statue dedication at the State Capital.

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