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"It is not merely for today, but for all time to come that we should perpetuate for our children's children this great and free government, which we have enjoyed all our lives."

September, 2016



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Civil War Muster-Jackson
The G.A.R. in Michigan
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Grass Lake Heritage Festival
Civil War Money
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With September upon us and October just weeks away. Our work is not over, as we are at the events coming up look at ways that membership can be bolster. Each one of us can look at new ways of getting membership.

Along with membership our mission has not ended nor will it end as we work around the counties. The graves project in Hillsdale County should be look at not another problem but a way to follow our mission of Keeping Green the Memory of the Boys in Blue as we find new or old boys who have left this world for a better place. Our mission should be with all of us as we are at work, school or out to play. I, myself follow the example of how my ancestors fought for this country. They are my inspiration to Keeping Green the Memory of the Boys in Blue and sent an example to those who do not see it in the same light as I do.

In Fraternity, Charity, & Loyalty

Christopher Cox

Camp Commander, Austin Blair Camp No. 7

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Grass Lake
Heritage Festival

Department Junior Vice Commander Bob Griggs with members of the 102nd USCT.     One of the newest soldiers for Father Abraham's Army.

On the 10th of the month, members of Camp No. 7 set up in Grass Lake for their Heritage Festival. As with several other of our event this year we did not get a lot of cooperation from Mother Nature but we did not let that dampen our spirts, as we joined with others portraying soldiers from the French and Indian War, through WW II. Throughout the day the portrayers talked to visitors about the solders of that era, what they had to endure, and the equipment they used. Also, there were firing demonstrations by soldier with muskets, rifles, and artillery. In the afternoon a 1790's cannon was dedicated for the Military Museum in Grass Lake.

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The newest member of our Sisterhood, Becki Pahl shows off her Allied Order t-shirt.

Past Camp Commanders Ron Tyrl and Charles Waters Jr. talking with some of the visitors to the Muster..

Jackson Civil War Muster

Over the weekend of the 20th and 21st, members of the Camp and Auxiliary set up camp at the Jackson Cascades Civil War Muster.

Throughout the weekend we managed to stay dry (for the most part) and talk too many of the visitors about their and our ancestors. We were also able to assist several visitors in locating more information on their ancestors as well as their gravesites. We also answered many questions about our organization, and what we do to keep the memory alive of the Boys in Blue.

The highlight of the weekend was when the Ladies Auxiliary gained and installed a new member. Welcome to Sister Becki Pahl, daughter of PCinC James Pahl. We know you will be a great asset to our Camp and look forward to working with you on our projects. Congratulations Ladies on your continued growth, and thank you for your assistance at our events.

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Brothers and Museum Volunteers working with the recruits on Right Face.

Junior Dennis receives his $13 pay, his Muster our sheet and a book on Michigan in the Civil War provided by the Michigan Legislature.

Civil War Discovery Camp
G.A.R. Memorial Hall and Museum

On the 17th of the month, members of the Camp and Auxiliary joined forces with Brothers of Camp No. 17, Camp No. 67, as well as members from the James B. Brainerd Post 111, Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall and Museum to put on the Museum's annual Civil War Discovery Camp.

This years activities included a scavenger hunt (which included the finding of Lee's lost Special Order 191), the firing of a reproduction Civil War musket, having some Civil War era candy, and of course the highlight of the day, the mock battle, which this year was Millers Cornfield at Antietam. After our time on the island was through, our soldiers were marched to the Brainerd Post 111 Museum for a tour and to learn about what the veterans did after they returned home. After the tour our soldiers were given their discharge, $13 for their service and a booklet on Michigan in the Civil War.

A fun, and educational day was had by all who participated in the event, one even told us it was more fun that playing a video game. A hardy thank you goes out to the G.A.R. Memorial Hall and Museum for inviting us to assist in this event and helping us Keep Green the Memory fo the Boys in Blue. We look forward to returning next year.



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Civil War Money

At the time of the Civil War many States, banks, and business printed their own money.
Below is an example of one of those bills..

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Secretary's Report
Ron Tyrl PPC

The September 12, 2016 meeting of the Austin Blair Camp No.7 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was held at the Post 29 American Legion, Jackson, Michigan.

Members in attendance were Brothers: Chris Cox, Joe Davis, Bob Griggs, Henry Hawker, Kim Horning, Dave Kimble, Ron Lewis, Howard Lloyd, Mike Maillard, Nathan Tingley, Ron Tyrl, Dave VanHoof and Guest: PDC Paul Davis & Brother Howard Streeters Marshall Camp.

Commander Cox requested a moment is silence for the second recently passed "Real Son" and then requested the Secretary's report which was motioned accepted as published in the Courier by Brother Griggs and seconded by Brother Kimble, motion passed.
The Treasurer's Report was motioned accepted as presented by Brother Tingley and seconded by Brother Griggs, motion passed.
Secretary's report was motioned accepted as published in the Courier by Brother Griggs and seconded by Brother Davis, motion passed.

Patriotic Instructor

Brother Davis requested a moment of silence in remembrance of the 9-11 attack 15 years ago. Brother Davis brought in a newspaper article of the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Books were also available for taking at the meeting.

Graves Registration

1. Brother Waters III reported that two stones are ready for placement: "Bullard" & "Lovell, in Woodland Cemetery, date tone determined once Brother Waters sets it.
2. Brother Tingley discussed the coordination with the 102nd USCT reinactors. Advance notice is needed for the 102nd participants.
3. Brother Horning's dedication for his relative John Rauser, 1st Michigan Infantry & 1st Michigan Light Artillery in Charlotte, Michigan is scheduled for Sunday September 18 at 2pm, Maple Hill Cemetery.
4. Discussion of the going forward with the graves registration of Hillsdale County. Focusing on those cemeteries not registered was done. Gay-Indian, off US 12, will be the first project, date to be determined.


1. Brother Griggs has updated the 2016 Website & Facebook pages to the Grass Lake program held last Saturday. Website cost reimbursement was summarized. $35.85 per quarter for website & $148.66 for website name & forwarding for 5 years, until 2021 and 2022 respectively. Brother Van Hoof motioned to reemburse Brother Griggs the $292.06 website cost, seconded by Brother Davis, motion passed. Brother Griggs also brought in "Real Son" Harold Becker's service program book & memorium ribbons for meeting attendees.


1. Brother Griggs forwarded an email invitation from Ella Sharp musem coordinator for an October 8 Cemetery Tour & the need for volunteers.
2. Brother Tingley "Thanked" the Camp for the sympathies for the recent loss of a family member.


1. Brother Tingley reported an application for membership was received for past junior Avery Lynch for full member. Brother Tingley motioned to accept the application & seconded by Brother Kimble. Motion passed.

Old Business

1. A rope broke and needs to be replaced for the new fly.
2. "Michigan at Antietam" monument updates by Brother Tingley: continue awaiting money collection & monument design options.
3. Brother VanHoof will meet with Mayor George on the "Under the Oaks" park proposals. Also Brother VanHoof reported the "Abolition Museum" house has been purchased and Ella Sharp museum & the chamber of commerce is working to help with this 403c non-profit project. Brother Van Hoof also recommended visiting Aplena's Ship wreck marine park since it has Civil War era ships at snorkeling depth.

New Business

1. PDC Paul Davis summarised the recending of the two Boundaries & Memorial Day general orders. The Michigan 2017 National Encampment is in need of a webmaster. And an October 17 Encampment preparation meeting will be held in Lansing.
2. Brother Kimble reported Mr. Dave Hilliker has a great coat for sale and a trailer, all other items have been sold.
3. The October 10 Camp meeting will be at the GAR Museum in Eaton Rapids.
4. The auxiliary Vicki Weiss reported she needs someone to take over as the Christmas Party coordinator. A round of applause was given to Vicki for the years of service providing the Christmas party.
5. Recognizing Jackson Monument Company with the "Austin Blair Award" will be presented at the November Camp meeting.
6. Brother Tingley reviewed the Dept. & National Encampment delegate & alternates assigned processes.
7. Commander Cox requested in put on suggestions on the Jackson Muster. Recent changes were implemented and discussion of options: keep it a reenactment with the battles, Living History event, Time Line event, or combination.

For the Good of the Order

Events up-coming:

1. Brother Lewis reported that he recently visited the Fort Custer National Cemetery and he noted many of the flat plaques are being covered over by the sod & grass.
2. Brother Lewis also presented a prayer quilt from his Church, Concord's First Presbyterian, for his wife Lisa as she struggles with health issues.
3. September 18, Sunday, Brother Horning's Dedication program, Charlotte.
4. October 8, Saturday, Ella Sharp's Cemetery Tour. 5. October 9, Sunday, Waterloo Farm Museum's Fall Festival "Pioneer Days".

Commander Cox closed the meeting at 8:45pm. Our next camp meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 10, to be held at Eaton Rapids' GAR Hall Museum.

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Upcoming Events

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An original photograph shown with a colorized picture of the same view. A dead horse on the Antietam Battlefield.

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Monument Square-Battle Creek, Michigan 1910.

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