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"It is not merely for today, but for all time to come that we should perpetuate for our children's children this great and free government, which we have enjoyed all our lives."

August, 2016



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Concord Civil War Day
The G.A.R. in Michigan
Charlton Park Muster
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This month we are going to be having the Civil War Muster. This event is one of our best times to help the public and gain membership. Please remember that we are always willing to help find civil war ancestors. Looking forward to the next couple of months we are also busy with other programs that will be coming up. We are looking for member and the best way to get members it to let them know we are able to help find them not only at the muster but after.

In Fraternity, Charity, & Loyalty

Christopher Cox

Camp Commander, Austin Blair Camp No. 7

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Brothers of Camp No. 7 Posting the Colors at the event.

Department Junior Vice Commander, Bob Griggs, rolls a hemp bale toward the Union position.

Civil War Day
Paddock-Hubbard House
Concord, Michigan

On July 30th, members of the Camp and Auxiliary set up at the annual Civil War Day at the Paddock Hubbard House in Concord. The day started off very wet, but cleared off in time for a very fun day of music, dancing, food, and of corse, a skirmish, The Battle of the Hemp Bales, between Union and Confederate troops. This year we even had a few pyrotechnics thrown in to add to the realism of the event. After the skirmish, as in years passed, a volley was fired to honor the crowd and a bayonet charge was made complete with the Rebel Yell.

Thank yous go out to the Paddock Hubbard house for once again inviting us to take part in this event, and to Sister Connie Horning for her assistance in taking photographs for us.

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Past Camp Commanders Henry Hawker, Dan Conklin, and Mark Heath at the Charlton Park Muster.

Brother & Sister Kim and Connie Hornin.

Charlton Park

On the weekend of the 16th and 17th several members of our Camp and Auxiliary took Horace Greeley advice and traveled west. Well, maybe closer to west northwest to Hastings and the annual Civil War Muster at Charlton Park.

At the event they took part in battalion drills, the battle, and spent their free time talking with visitors about their ancestors and the life of a Civil War soldier. They event found time to enjoy the dance Saturday night. Some of our members were Pinkerton Detectives and helped keep the area free from the common riff-raff known as "camp followers".

A very grateful thank you is extended to Sister Connie Horning for providing us with the pictures of this event. .


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Civil War Money

At the time of the Civil War many States, banks, and business printed their own money.
Below is an example of one of those bills..

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Secretary's Report
Ron Tyrl PPC

The August 8, 2016 meeting of the Austin Blair Camp No.7 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was held at the Post 29 American Legion, Jackson, Michigan.

Members in attendance were Brothers: Chris Cox, Joe Davis, Bob Griggs, Henry Hawker, Kim Horning, Dave Kimble, Howard Lloyd, Mike Maillard, Nathan Tingley, Ron Tyrl, Dave VanHoof, Charlie Waters III and Charlie Waters Jr. Guest: PDC Paul Davis.

Commander Cox requested a moment of silence in remembrance of "True Son" Harold Becker, who passed away recently, the last true son in Michigan.
Secretary's report was motioned accepted as published in the Courier by Brother Griggs and seconded by Brother Davis, motion passed.
The Treasurer's Report was motioned accepted as presented by Brother Tingley and seconded by Brother Griggs, motion passed. Treasurer Maillard motioned to give $150 from the $300 received from the Concord Civil War muster to the auxiliary.
Discussion on the 510c3 corporate write off for donations to nonprofits such as our order.
Treasurer Maillard brought in literature on sockets & bayonets; civil war bullets; & rifles for the Camp archive.

Patriotic Instructor

Brother Davis brought in news articles on Joshua Chamberlain. A review of two books was also done, "One Man's War" Jack Henson & "Sharpshooters in the Civil War".

Graves Registration

1. Brother Waters III reported that one of the stones ordered previously has arrived for "Bullard".
2. Lovell's stone should come in soon; both Lovell & Bullard are interned at Woodland Cemetery. Brother Tingley offered to assist in the coordination with the 102nd USCT reinactors for Bullard's dedication of his stone.
3. Brother Horning's dedication for his relative John Rauser, 1st Michigan Infantry & 1st Michigan Light Artillery in Charlotte, Michigan is scheduled for Sunday September 18 at 2pm, Maple Hill Cemetery.
4. Treasurer Maillard discussed the going forward with the graves registration of Hillsdale County. Focusing on those cemeteries not registered. A cemetery was chosen, Gay-Indian, off US 12, as the first project, date to be determined once the site is confirmd.


1. Brother Griggs has updated the 2016 Website & Facebook pages.


1. Commander Cox & his wife Kelsi gave our Brothers & the Auxiliary a "Thank you" card for their baby shower.


1. Brother Tingley reported a new form 3 Membership application was made to allow for more than one Civil War veteran to be registered with the Department & National database.

Old Business

1. The fly came in and being used.
2. "Michigan at Antietam" monument updates by Brother Tingley: continue awaiting money collection & monument design options.
3. Brother VanHoof continues to work with Mayor George on the "Under the Oaks" park proposals. Also Brother VanHoof made rhe Camp aware of a proposed "Abolition Museum" in a Jackson home previously owned by Ms. Betty Harshman. Brother VanHoof proposed the Camp support & encourage these projects.
Brother VanHoof also propose the Camp write a letter to Department to contact our State legislature in support of the on going Detroit Ft. Wayne's restoration projects.

New Business

1. PDC Paul Davis reported fund raising continues for the Michigan 2017 National Encampment. The new website is requesting volunteers to assist with this encampment.
2. Brother Kimble will price a tent Mr. Dave Hilliker has for sale for the Camp.
3. Thursday August 11, a car pool will be done to attend "True Son" Harold Becker's funeral service.
4. The auxiliary has pins of women in the Civil War for sale for the National Encampment fund raising.
5. Recognizing Jackson Monument Company with the "Austin Blair Award" will be presented at the November Camp meeting.
6. The October Camp meeting will be held at the Eaton Rapid's GAR Hall.

For the Good of the Order

Events up-coming:

1. August 11, Thursday, "True Son", Harold Becker's Funeral service.
2. August 17, Wednesday, Eaton Rapids' GAR Museum's Discovery Camp.
3. August 20-21, Sat-Sun. Jackson Muster.
4. Sept. 10, Saturday, Grass Lake, Michigan's Heritage Days.
5. Sept. 18, Sunday, Charlotte Headstone dedication, Maple Hill Cemetery - Brother Kim Horning's great-great grandfather Lt. John G. Rauser
6. Sept 19, "Deland" program, philanthropic Education Org.

Commander Cox closed the meeting at 8:35pm Birthday cake was shared by all in recognition of Brother Charlie Waters Jr.'s 80th birthday. Brother Maillard gave a presentation on the last widows of the Civil War, Ms.'s Daisey Anderson, Alberta Martin & Gertrude Janeway. Our next camp meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 12, to be held at Post 29 American Legion, Jackson, Michigan.

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Upcoming Events

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An original photograph shown with a colorized picture of the same view. Captain Jeffers on the deck of the USS Monitor.

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National Encampment Badge, held Saginaw, Michigan 1906.

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