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"It is not merely for today, but for all time to come that we should perpetuate for our children's children this great and free government, which we have enjoyed all our lives."

February, 2016



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U.S. Flags Presentation
The G.A.R. in Michigan
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Entering Andersonville
Civil War Money
Swearing a Loyalty Oath
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A photo from the Civil War

Camp 7,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for this chance to be Commander. Now as we move into the spring and summer months we should be thinking of ways to be involved in the community. As the year progress I will be taking with most of the camp on how we can get our numbers up. We as a camp are doing what our ancestors fought and died for. If we can keep up this work in the Department we will be able to stand fast. Please email me if you have any ideas for a speaker in the coming year for our meetings. Welcome to our new junior member.

In Fraternity, Charity, & Loyalty

Chris Cox

Camp Commander to our Camp.

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U.S. Flags in the Civil War
Presented by PCC Mike Maillard

At our regular meeting on January, PCC Mike Maillard put on a presentation on U.S. Flags during the Civil War.

Because of time the presentation had to be rather quick, but was very informative and generated much discussion on the subject.

Thank you Brother Maillard for your time in putting this together and presenting it to our Camp.

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Brothers of Camp No. 7, You're invited.

March 12, 2016 - Officer & NCO School of Instruction – Mason, Michigan

On to Richmond!!!

All 7th Michigan military (including privates, musicians, and male civilians of all ages) are invited to attend our annual winter training session. Military uniforms are to be worn by those serving in the ranks. Enlisted need to bring rifles, bayonets, and accoutrements (no ammunition) and officers their kits to include swords. Classroom instruction will held be indoors. We will be drilling outside (weather permitting) so dress accordingly. Comrades from fellow mid-western units will be extended an invitation to participate.

We will concentrate on the duties and positions of NCOs and officers within formations most commonly employed at the company and battalion levels at re-enactments. Manual of arms, firing positions, military etiquette, Color Guard, bugle signals, etc. will be reviewed. Instruction will be taken from Casey’s Infantry Tactics, U.S. Regulations (1861), and Dom Dal Bello’s Parade, Inspection and basic Evolutions of the Infantry Battalion (4th edition) or PIE. If interested in reviewing anything in particular (especially for our new NCOs and Company officers) please feel to send me a note in advance time permitting.

School commences at 9:00 AM and should finish by 3:00 PM. Early birds are welcome after 8:00 AM. Coffee and donuts (breakfast) and a party sub accompanied by side dishes (lunch) will be provided FREE of charge. You are more than welcome to contribute a side dish if you wish. All attendees need to RSVP so we have adequate food for all and to prevent foraging by the troops in the local area. It would be appreciated if you each bring a camp stool or small chair to ensure we have enough seating.

Directions to drill in Mason:

Take US-127 to the Kipp Road Exit 64. Travel eastbound ˝ mile to second stop light at Hull Road in front of the Meijer’s store. Turn left (north) at the light onto S. Jefferson Street (Hull Road becomes Jefferson Street for northbound traffic). Drive ˝ mile, cross over the railroad tracks, and arrive at 106 E. South Street immediately on your right. Contact is Tom Emerick at Drill location address is 106 E. South Street, Mason, Michigan 48854

Most Respectfully, Your Obedient Servant




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Civil War Money

At the time of the Civil War many States, banks, and business printed their own money.
Below is an example of one of those bills..

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Union Prisoners
Camp Sumter

Entering Andersonville

The prison, which opened in February 1864, originally covered about 16.5 acres (67,000 m2) of land enclosed by a 15-foot (4.6 m) high stockade. In June 1864 it was enlarged to 26.5 acres (107,000 m2). The stockade was in the shape of a rectangle 1,620 feet (490 m) by 779 feet (237 m). There were two entrances on the west side of the stockade, known as "north entrance" and "south entrance"

A prisoner described his entry into the prison camp:

As we entered the place, a spectacle met our eyes that almost froze our blood with horror, and made our hearts fail within us. Before us were forms that had once been active and erect;—stalwart men, now nothing but mere walking skeletons, covered with filth and vermin. Many of our men, in the heat and intensity of their feeling, exclaimed with earnestness. "Can this be hell?" "God protect us!" and all thought that He alone could bring them out alive from so terrible a place. In the center of the whole was a swamp, occupying about three or four acres of the narrowed limits, and a part of this marshy place had been used by the prisoners as a sink, and excrement covered the ground, the scent arising from which was suffocating. The ground allotted to our ninety was near the edge of this plague-spot, and how we were to live through the warm summer weather in the midst of such fearful surroundings, was more than we cared to think of just then.

With its water source polluted from the overcrowding, epidemics swept through the prison raising its monthly mortality rate to around 3,000. These prisoners were buried in mass graves outside the stockade.

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Secretary's Report
Ron Tyrl PPC

The February 8, 2016 meeting of the Austin Blair Camp No.7 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was held at the Post 29 American Legion, Jackson, Michigan.

Members in attendance were Brothers: Chris Cox, Joe Davis, Bob Griggs, Henry Hawker, Kim Horning, Dave Kimble, Ron Lewis, Howard Lloyd, Mike Maillard, Nathan & Alex Tingley, Ron Tyrl, Dave Van Hoof, Charlie Waters III and Charlie Waters Jr. Guest: PDC Paul Davis, and Jay Ford & Tom Slater from Jackson Greys to speak on Defense of the Flag restoration proposal.

Commander Cox opened the meeting and welcomed our guest.
The Secretary's report was motioned accepted as published in the Courier by Brother Griggs and seconded by Brother Kimble, motion passed.
The Treasurer's December Report was motioned accepted as presented by Brother Tingley and seconded by Brother Griggs, motion passed. The January report reviewing latest annual dues paid was motioned accepted by Brother Lewis seconded by Brother Van Hoof, motion passed. Treasurer Maillard reported $150 was given to post 29 for our annual contribution to cover cost for use of facility.

Patriotic Instructor

Brother Davis reported Brother Kimble & himself brought in numerous books and items for distribution. And he reviewed books available through the "Emerging Civil War" series.

Graves Registration

1. Brother Waters III reported that John Kelly's stone dedication is scheduled for Saturday, May 21 at 2 o'clock.
2. The "Juel" headstone was also delivered for this soldier's unmarked grave at Mt. Evergreen cemetery. Dedication planned for Memorial Day.
3. Two more stones will be ordered for Woodland cemetery, more to follow.
4. June 12, there is planned a dedication for Brother Howard Lloyd's relative buried in Newego County, man was lost on Sultana.
5. Brother Horning is planning a dedication for his relative John Rauser, 1st Michigan Infantry & 1st Michigan Light Artillery in Charlotte, Michigan.
6. Brother Waters III relayed to the Department that our camp will take on Hillsdale county for graves registration. Brother Waters will coordinate the surveys of cemeteries when scheduled with the camp. A cleaning day will also be needed for Mt Evergreen's soldier's plot.


1. Brother Griggs has updated the 2016 Website & Facebook pages.
2. DVDs of 2015's events were made and were available for all at the meeting.


Brother Tingley reported he received an application for membership in out camp as a junior for Barrett Oberdank, under his 4x Great Grandfather Cyrus Potter, 12th Michigan Infantry. Motioned to accept made by Brother Kimble, seconded by Brother Tingley, motion passed.

Old Business

1. The two men coordinating the proposed work to be done by the "preservation project" on the Defense of the Flag summarized the restoration proposal. After discussion of the camp's concern with the term "Blackening" of the monument which should not be done per that term blackening which was not definitively defined, the men agreed to coordinate with Jackson city representative Kelly Hoover and with our Camp also on restoration work.
2. Brother Tingley reported that the Fly repair or purchase will be reopened for decision in the Spring.
3. "Michigan at Antietam" monument updates by Brother Tingley.
4. Brother VanHoof revised the progress of the work being done for the Under the Oaks park. Mayor George is supporting the Jackson Historical work proposed. Redevelopment of the under the oaks is proceeding. As far as the overall emphasis of promoting Jackson's history Brother Van Hoof recommending becoming familiar with Jackson's own Seymour Treadwell, editor of Michigan's first anti-slavery newspaper & active in underground railroad to support freedom in this country. Treadwell also organized the under the oaks convention in July 6, 1854, the establishing of the Republican party.

New Business

1. Brother Van Hoof reviewed the placing of a historical marker proposal at the Reynolds building, the last law office of Civil War Governor Austin Blair.
2. Auxiliary Karen Hamann summarized the planning for the Michigan held National Encampment being held in August 17, 2017 and requested those volunteering to assist with the encampment sign up on a sheet placed at the meeting or contact her for jobs to be done. A Fund raising committee had been formed, Entertainment, & encampment books are being worked with pages and ads available for purchase in the book.

For the Good of the Order

Events up-coming:

1. April 9-10, Saturday-Sunday, G.A.R. Museum's Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Grand Army of the Republic.
2. April 16, Saturday, Lincoln Tomb program Springfield, Illinois.
3. April 29-30 Sat-Sun, Dept. Encampment.
4. May 20, Fri., Ella Sharp Museums Civil War Days.
5. Saturday May 21, Civil war days historic Grosvenor house 211 Maumee St Jonesville, MI
6. May 21, Sat., Kelly headstone dedication 2pm, Mt Evergreen.
7. May 30, Monday, Memorial Day & Joluel headstone dedication, Mt. Evergreen.
7. June 12, Sunday, Howard Lloyd's relative headstone dedication.
9. June 25-26, Sat-Sun., Waterloo Bkacksmith & Soldiers Day.
10. July 6, Wednesday, Under the Oaks event.
11. July 9, Sat. Return of the Flags, Lansing.
12. August 20-21, Sat-Sun. Jackson Muster.
Commander Cox proceeded to close the meeting at 8:30pm and our next camp meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 14, to be held at Post 29 American Legion, Jackson, Michigan.

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Swearing a Loyalty Oath
Submitted by PCC Ron Tyrl

Near Nashville a dashing Southern girl was among women brought before General Rosecrans for the loyalty oath; "The bold, bright-eyed objected to taking the oath, saying that her mother had taught her that it was wrong to swear; that her social education had instructed her that it was unladylike to swear; her sense of morality forbid her to swear, and swear she could not and would not." The officer insisted that the lady must take an oath before she left his presence. "Well, General, if I must swear, I will; but all the sin of the oath must rest on your shoulders, for I swear on your compulsion: "God damn every Yankee to hell!" And the defiant beauty tossed her dark curls, and swept out of the presence unmolested.

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Upcoming Events

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Quarles Mill on the North Anna River.

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Jackson, Michigan 1911.

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