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Index ~ for the Brown Boooks
Alphabetical listing of Michigan Soldiers

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1st Infantry

2nd Infantry

3rd Infantry

4th Infantry

5th Infantry

6th Infantry

7th Infantry

8th Infantry

9th Infantry

10th Infantry

11th Infantry

12th Infantry

13th Infantry

14th Infantry

15th Infantry

16th Infantry

17th Infantry

18th Infantry

19th Infantry

20th Infantry

21st Infantry

22nd Infantry

23rd Infantry

24th Infantry

25th Infantry

26th Infantry

27th Infantry

28th Infantry

29th Infantry

30th Infantry


1st Cavalry

2nd Cavalry

3rd Cavalry

4th Cavalry

5th Cavalry

6th Cavalry

7th Cavalry

8th Cavalry

9th Cavalry

10th Cavalry

    11th Cavalry


1st Light Artillery

Engineers and Mechanics
1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics

Sharpshooters ~ included in this one volume
1st MI Sharpshooters
1st & 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters
Company D Western Sharpshooters

1st MI Colored Infantry

Miscellaneous ~ included in this one volume

Merrill Horse
23rd, 37th, 42nd, & 44th Illinois
Co. C. 70th New York Infantry
Co. K. 1st New York Cavalry
47th Ohio Infantry
1st Michigan Lancers
Chandler Horse Guards
Provost Guard

Michigan in the War, John Robertson Adjutant General.
Roll of Honor.

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